Expensive taxi ride!

I’m in Saigon, at the hostel and all is good (and free internet no less!). The first “snag” was when I got to immigration and they said that I had to get into another line for “visa on arrival” – this, after already waiting 20 min. No big deal, glad I printed my passport photo ahead of time (see TK, it was worth the wait!). There are no ATM machines inside the airport – and the exchange places wouldn’t take my travelers checks (anybody know what they are good for?!). I had just enough USD to pay the $25 passport stamp. So a taxi driver asks me what I’m looking for. He says there are no ATMs at the airport – but the lady inside said there was one just outside. When we got to it, it wasn’t working. In hindsight, I should have checked to make sure it was plugged in! He then said he would take me to the hostel for $15 (~225,000 dong). This seemed pretty expensive to me – but he and the LONG line for metered taxis convinced me. He stopped at an ATM as well. After getting to the hostel, and being very pleased that they had a room (with A/C even!), they said it should have cost me only 70,000 dong. D’OH! Oh well… at least he took me to the right place! Time to explore a bit of Saigon and get some food!

5 thoughts on “Expensive taxi ride!”

  1. I’m glad the visa on arrival thing worked! We were talking to some
    friends that did a very similar trip, and they said that one of the two
    best things they did was spending 2 days on a boat in Ha Long Bay
    or something like that. So see if you can go, because it sounded
    UNBELIEVABLE! Can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back.

  2. An adventure in the true Pablo spirit! It sounds like you’re having a great time. Can’t wait to see more pics when you get back.

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