Sunrise, sunset

Angkor Wat

We woke up at 5am our first morning in Siem Reap, our Tuk Tuk driver was waiting for us outside the hotel. As we drove towards the temple the chilled wind whipped at us through the open cab of the Tuk Tuk. Many others were doing the same – the Tuk Tuk lights dotting the road in procession. We arrived in the thick of the night – only the stars provided light. We followed a group that had flashlights, crossing the enormous causeway – not realizing where we were or what lay around us, only dark shadows. We decided on a spot where we could sit, away from the bigger crowds. The outline of Angkor Wat blocking the light from the stars. As the sun slowly began to rise, the details of the temple began to emerge. The colors were astounding – and every person had to catch their breath at the sight – not a word was uttered. The colors were continuously changing providing a sublime backdrop for what we were about to explore. Nothing could prepare me for the wonders of Angkor – in two days we barely scratched the surface. As the sunrise slowly revealed Angkor to us – so too will I slowly reveal it to you.

With the sunrise comes the inevitable sunset. This is the period I have reached in my travels as I now take the long journey home. Though the sun sets on this journey – it will be a part of my life forever.

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  1. Hey Pablo,

    I’ve been reading your posts and am of course jealous of your great trip and an amazing wedding! It will be a while until I can take a trip like yours so I’ll have to settle traveling vicariously through your blog. Thanks!


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