Pictures, videos and panoramics – oh my!

Mike was kind enough to ship me DVDs of the pictures I had downloaded onto his computer during the trip. Now that I have them together, the totals are as follows:

Pictures: 2,065 (5gb)
Videos: 242 (2.34gb)
Panoramics: 17 (32mb)

Obviously the panoramics were the easiest to sort! They don’t come across very well in the slideshow above, so go ahead and click on it to get to the full-res pics. Be sure to zoom in and pan around – lots to see! In the mean time – I have lots of data to sort through, wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Pictures, videos and panoramics – oh my!”

  1. Pablo, great pictures! Can’t wait to hear stories. Will have to wait until I get back in March! You’ve inspired me to get my own blog for the trip. Check it out at!

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