Upon returning from my trip, I had this distinct feeling of not having anything to do. This tends to happen after a non-stop trip – I return needing a vacation! I’m currently sitting in traffic court writing this on my PDA – I leave for Vegas in 2 hours! In Vegas I will be participating in the first of many bachelor parties this year as we send off Gongola. As if going to Vegas wasn’t enough, I fly to Los Angeles on Saturday for Doug’s wedding! As usual, my weekend is overbooked. I’m sure I’ll come back, at midnight incidentally, in dire need of rest. This has been a trend as of late, an attempt to use up as much of my free time as possible. (I just pleaded guilty and got supervision – $80 court fee. Im going to stick around to see how those who pleaded not guilty fare) Is it just the way I am? Am I making up for lost time? The answer is always elusive. I very much enjoy the things that Im doing – but many times I think I need to slow down a bit. The times I do find myself with little to do, I get anxious about what I should be doing. It’s quite a cycle! March doesn’t look any less busy with an upcoming trip to New Orleans and some visitors thrown into the mix. Well, time is running short! Time to hop on the limo to get to the airport!

2 thoughts on “Overbooked”

  1. traffic court? guilty? supervision? LIMO?!?

    I’m clearly missing some key elements of this story. I demand an email or something.

  2. Teresa – wouldn’t it be more entertaining if we just made up the details?

    I think he was in traffic court because TK dared him to race a guy and they ended up breaking the speed of sound on Lake Shore Drive…. in THIS.

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