Cubs Opening Day 2008

Opening Day 08

The neighborhood transforms. As I walked down Clark street this morning the overcast skies nor the fine mist of rain stopped the revelers from celebrating opening day. At 9am the fans were filling the streets, the bar doors already open ready for the crowds to fill them. The fans donning the jersey of their favorite player, layer upon layer of clothing underneath in preparation for the cold day ahead. The vendors already have their wares set up on the street with large plastic sheets that protect them from the rain. Though the skies are grey, the energy is palpable as blue and white fill the neighborhood. As I round the friendly confines, fences have been carefully placed to separate the crowds from the traffic. Many are lined up to pick up their tickets, while others await the unavailing of the Ernie Banks Statue. I walk into the empty train station and can almost feel the presence of the tens of thousands that will come through today. I look forward to experiencing it upon my return for there is nothing like Wrigley on game day. Let the games begin! Go Cubs Go!

New Orleans

I got to New Orleans yesterday for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. So far it has been a blast! We immediately went out for for some local food (I had the Chicken Tchoupitoulas – delish!) and then caught Rebirth’s performance at the Maple Leaf – incredible show! Conference stuff all day today and into Friday. I head back on Sunday. If I have some time I’ll be sure to post some vids and pictures. This is a cool place to be!


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Over six years in the making. Words… I once had. Words I once knew to be so true, that I held on to them so tight I couldn’t let go. Those words had escaped me long ago.


A number that in and of itself holds no meaning… yet for so long I felt it held my world. Perhaps it still does – in whatever ethereal plane it now belongs. Its fascinating how something can get a grip on you so tight, you can’t imagine letting it go.

To that end, I say goodbye. I let go. You are free. I am free…