Greek Isles

We are on our way back to Athens after our two day stay on the beautiful Greek Isle of Aegina! We had a fantastic stay! We discovered that the house wine is not only the cheapest option, it is also quite tasty! We spent yesterday morning at the beach followed by the afternoon on a scooter exploring the island. Unfortunately our hotel had gave us inaccurate bus times this morning, so after a bit of a panic, we called in and changed to a later flight. Today is a day of travel via all means available! Bus, ferry, train then plane – but when its all over, we will be in Cyprus where Maria and her family await. We catch up to my parents tomorrow. Looking forward to relaxing a bit on Cyprus, and very much looking forward to Maria’s wedding!


One thought on “Greek Isles”

  1. We want to see pictures!!! but not now, just enjoy your time there as much as possible! Diviertanse!!!!! Un beso grande!!!!

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