EU Day at the Mid-America Club

It’s been almost a week that I’ve been wanting to post these pictures! After returning from New York I attended “European Union Day” with Aita on the 80th floor of the Aon Center in the Mid-America Club. They picked May 9th as the Schuman Declaration had been signed 50 years earlier and marked the first steps towards the European Union. The event itself was a bit stuffy, with long winded speeches and, thankfully, copious amounts of wine! We took advantage of the spectacular views offered and had a few glasses. Wanted to share the view with the rest of you!

It had been foggy and quite humid all day. When getting off the ‘L’ at Addison a full platform and the cheers of thousands of fans greeted me. I just had to take a pic!

New York 2006!

New York 2006 con las Tias!

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Still recovering from our trip to New York over the weekend. Had an incredible time! Teresa’s show was fantastic! A few too many late nights afterwards – but totally worth it. We really lucked out with the weather as well!

Some of my favs:

T-Mobile changed their MMS settings so I couldn’t moblog for some reason, will have to fix that for next time!

Room with a view

Its probably been a few weeks now since I took these pictures. My cousin Miguel requested a picture of the view from my office – so I figured I’d post them here!


Ok – so that isn’t the view from my window – but from one of the conference rooms! My window’s view isn’t quite as spectacular.


But its got big windows and plenty of light. Better yet, a door I can close and lock! Things are going quite well at the new job and I can’t believe that almost 2 months have already passed! Its great to be so close to the city. In fact, we went to lunch just the other day at the Taste of Chicago! I’m really looking forward to living closer so that I can bike to work everyday – actually spoke to the landlord today, and the most recent ETA for moving in is the end of next week!

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