Entering Teotihuacán one is transported back two thousand years. Commonly mistaken as an Aztek city its roots are unknown. The Azteks, along with many other tribes, would pilgrimage to the site to offer sacrifices to the god of rain. The temple of the sun, which can be seen in the background, is both the largest and oldest at the site. It was originally stuccoed and red in color, many called it the temple of the sun, and the name just stuck. It was built upon a cave with a natural spring. Pilgrimage to the cave was to bring good harvest and fortune. When the spring ran dry, the people belived that the gods were angry and thus built the temples to offer sacrifice and appease the gods. To this day it has remained a pilgrimage for Teotihuacáns who have spread out since abandoning the city. The site is immense, the temple of the sun has 247 steps leading to the top at 65 meters. The temple of the moon, where this picture was taken, is only 37 meters in height – though almost more difficult to ascend as the steps are extemely steep and high! I seem to remember my mom having a story from this site… or was it elsewhere? If you look closely you can see me on one of the temples! It was a gorgeous day and we very much enjoyed our time at the site. Its a short drive from the city, depending on traffic, if you ever find yourself in Mexico City it is well worth the visit! Now we head out for dinner and a taste of D.F. nightlife!


Megabus in Minnesota

On the Megabus back to Chicago from Minneapolis, MN. First experience with Megabus – and so far so good. The bus was on time and its clean, so that’s a good start! The driver told us its going to be bumper to bumper getting into Chicago – so its gonna be a long one. Was great spending the 4th with the fam in MN! Celebrated my uncle’s 50th and a lot of other July birthdays! Hope you all had a fun 4th!


Greek Isles

We are on our way back to Athens after our two day stay on the beautiful Greek Isle of Aegina! We had a fantastic stay! We discovered that the house wine is not only the cheapest option, it is also quite tasty! We spent yesterday morning at the beach followed by the afternoon on a scooter exploring the island. Unfortunately our hotel had gave us inaccurate bus times this morning, so after a bit of a panic, we called in and changed to a later flight. Today is a day of travel via all means available! Bus, ferry, train then plane – but when its all over, we will be in Cyprus where Maria and her family await. We catch up to my parents tomorrow. Looking forward to relaxing a bit on Cyprus, and very much looking forward to Maria’s wedding!


Athens, Greece

Katty and I just finished our whirlwind tour of Athens and loved every moment of it! From the excitement of seeing th Parthenon for the first time, to the bustling cafes of the Plaka district, it is an amazing place! History surrounds you wherever you go, its impossible not to run into an ancient historical relic! Our hotel even had the wall that they had excavated while building it on display! Now we are island hopping in the Sardonic Sea. Time to relax a bit and eat some fantastic seafood!