Room with a view

After feeling great about figuring out the metro sysem in Athens, it turned out that we were on the opposite side of the city from our hotel! Google Maps had pointed us wrong before we even left! The weather is gorgeous, mid 70s and just a few clouds. By the time we found our hotel we were sweaty and exhausted! Then they told us they were overbooked! (thanks Orbitz!) Thankfully they had arranged another room at a better hotel! Now we have a balcony with a view of the Acropolis! Time to explore!


Arrival in Greece

Just got off the plane and onto the Metro in Athens! The 10 hour flight was exhausting, as its currently 1:20am Chicago time. Neither Katty nor I got much sleep, but Im stoked about the day that lies ahead! The train doesn’t leave for another 10 minutes – sorry I don’t have a better picture! But I will, no worries!!


Crossing Cambodia

After 3 days of traveling by boat we have made it across the Cambodian border. Tierra firma at last! Nothing about the tour of the Mekong was as described, but we realized this in short order and made the best out of it. Crossing the Vietnam-Cambodia border by boat was an experience in itself! As one of my fellow travellers said, in good company any trip can be enjoyable. However, the 1 hour bus ride from the boat landing to Phnom Phenn has to be the worst road I’ve ever been on! (not counting the road up to the volcano in Ecuador, as it wasn’t a main road) It has been quite the experience. We have another bus ride ahead of us at noon – 6+ hours to Siam Reap. I imagine Ill sleep most of the way as we had a late night.