On tequila

Tequila and I don’t get along very well, not very well at all. Probably a combination of upside-down-margarita-shots and those of the “normal” variety. Cheap tequila probably hasn’t helped. I’ve never been able to truly articulate my feelings about tequila, so when I read the following passage, I couldn’t help but to laugh!

Tequila, scorpion honey, harsh dew of the doglands, essence of Aztec, crema de cacti; tequila, oil and thermal like the sun in solution; tequila, liquid geometry of passion; Tequila, the buzzard god who copulates in midair with the ascending souls of dying virgins; tequila, firebug in the house of good taste; O tequila, savage water of sorcery, what confusion and mischief your sly, rebellious drops do generate!

Tom RobbinsStill Life with Woodpecker

Anybody want to do a shot?