Shake on it

I had my 3rd interview for Youth Guidance on Tuesday and I felt/feel really good about it! I felt very comfortable and confident in my answers. I also got to meet more of the team that I’d be working with and we seemed to get along great! There is also a possibility that I could use my Spanish in the job as over 40% of the public schools they service are Hispanic. It isn’t required for the job, but it might make some of the social workers that I would be working with feel a bit more comfortable. They told me that they have a “couple” more people to interview and that I should hear back by the beginning of next week! Here’s hoping!

While being shown around the office (which has a spectacular view of Millennium Park as its just across the street from the Art Institute on Michigan Ave.) and introduced to the other employees, I met a young woman wearing a Hijab. After being introduced I offered my hand to shake, I thought it was a bit odd that her hand didn’t move from her side, then she said “I don’t shake hands with men.” I immediately knew why and felt a bit silly that I had even offered. I apologized and most likely turned a few shades of red. I’ve never had this happen before, so I guess it took me a bit off guard. I promptly went on-line to see what information I could find about such practices. I didn’t know that the headscarf was called a “hijab” (which is the really the westernized word for “khimar”). I also found an entry on MSN spaces about that exact situation. Its probably much more prevalent than my experience has shown. On the same note, its fantastic to see such diversity in that workplace!