Ten years later

Maya Angelou – thank you for the incredible beauty you shared with the world. This was inspired by you, now it is dedicated to you. May you rest in peace.

The silence of a summer scene
thick warmth wraps around.
White cotton layers
strands in the sky.

Seagull gracefully gliding
effortless floating wings.
Trees standing stoic,
wood and leaf puncture the air.

Still, blooming buds
fill the air with fragrant beauty.
Evening’s timeless tranquility
disturbed only by thought.

-Pablo 6/5/2004

Rally against social service budget cuts in Illinois!

Its a rare occasion that I set my alarm earlier than 7am. Usually its because I have a flight to catch. Today it is for a very different reason. I’m heading down to Springfield IL to rally against budget cuts that would have a disasterous effect on social services. Already over 12 people in my organization have received their two weeks notice and other agencies across the state are suffering even more. The ripple effect that this will have in I’LL will be felt by all. It is a sad state of affairs when politicians use social services to leverage their politics! We can not let this happen!! I am joining thousands of other people today to advocate for the needs of this state! We can’t let 200,000 jobs be lost in the social service sector! While I don’t expect all to come to the state capital, each and every one of you can DO SOMETHING that will make a difference. Pick up your phone, call your state representative, make your voice be heard! http://tinyurl.com/m3mush


Change is on its way, in many different ways! I haven’t posted as of late because I convinced myself that I would spend whatever time I had to post – upgrading and moving the blog! Neither has happened, as one can see. Though I am getting things done, some things have fallen through the cracks.

One thing that has become more of a priority since the weather here has improved is biking!

View Chicago Lakefront Trail AM in a larger map
Created with My Tracks on the Android.

I’ve also started another project – F1 Fixie. I’ll be keeping you posted on that as well!

NPR Interviews – Dwight, Borat

NPR’s Fresh Air is host to some of the best interviews I’ve heard! Katty actually called me to tell me about their interview with Rainn Wilson, otherwise known as Dwight from The Office – but I was too caught up in the season finale of Top Gear! I knew I could just go to the website and listen later on. Listen to both of these interviews – if you don’t laugh, I’ll give you your money back!

For your auditory pleasure:

NPR Interviews Rainn Wilson
(click on listen now)

An oldie but incrediblie goodie:

NPR Interviews Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat

Bonus! Found a Colbert interview:
NPR Interviews Stephen Colbert

…and a Jon Stewart interview:
Jon Stewart
NPR Interviews Jon Stewart

Don’t forget to subscribe to Fresh Air’s podcast!

Koh Phi Phi on a longtail

From Thailand 2008

click above to see album

Just finished up an incredible day on a longtail boat going to different parts of Phi Phi islands! Weather was perfect and I’m an interesting shade of pink. Oops. Totally worth it, best snorkeling I’ve ever done, by far – and got to use the underwater case for the first time! Pics turned out better than expected! I’ve got a ton more, but this is all for now. We actually visited the island that The Beach was filmed on. Gorgeous – but FILLED with tourists. Mostly Sweedish and Australian. A lot of wicked sunburns around here, let me tell you! Mike, Krong and their parents leave tomorrow – so my solo adventure begins. I’m staying here tomorrow night, and possibly another… then its off to Phuket and back to Bangkok to catch my flight to Saigon! The on-line visa service seems to work – though I had to e-mail them a “copy” of my credit card. A bit disconcerting, but the helpful folks over at Thorntree forums have had positive experiences.

Hope all is well with everybody – and that you Chicagoans weren’t affected too much by the weather. It made international news!

Eight in ’08

2008 is henceforth known as the year of the weddings. It is going to be totally insane. Eight weddings so far!

  • December 29 – Krong and Mike (Thailand)
  • March 1 – Doug and Seth (LA)
  • April 12 – Rachel and Mike (Mexico)
  • May 17 – Janet and Steve
  • May ?? – Maria and Dinos (Cyprus)
  • June 21 – Sarah and Dave
  • July 12 – Joscelyn and TK (NY)
  • September 6 – Keri and Dave
  • September 27 – Sarah and Tony
  • Granted, Loi’s is in 2007, but its close enough! I’ll be bringing in 2008 in Thailand anyhow! With 5 out of town weddings (3 out of country!) I’m certain I won’t be able to go to them all. Especially considering the bachelor parties that will be going on! Seriously guys – did you all have to pick the same year?! Its going to be nuts!

    I’ll be updating this post with links to the “wedding sites” as they go live. No pressure… Dave.


    I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. Joon had been very ill and losing a lot of weight. I had taken her to the vet a few weeks ago and they talked to me about her quality of life and how I should consider putting her to sleep before my trip to Thailand. I was very torn on the subject, as Joon would still follow me around and always wanted attention. How does one decide to end the life of a companion that is still obviously loving and caring? But the problem was that she wasn’t eating much at all, it seemed almost painful when she would try. Her breathing was more labored as well. With the help of somebody very close to me, we decided it was best to have her put to sleep as soon as possible. Not only did she help me with the decision, she accompanied me to the vet and was there with me when they administered the injection. I could never thank her enough for her kindness and support. It was a difficult decision, but I didn’t want Joon to suffer any longer. Rest in peace Joon – 11/17/2007

    Snow, pictures and other thoughts

    Its snowing outside! I’d post a picture, but I have to get my camera back from Dave. I actually found a few group pics from Thanksgiving, I was just looking for them to post – and I got caught up going back a few years in pics. Not sure what I was looking for – or if I was looking for anything in particular, but it sure makes one nostalgic! Turns out the thanksgiving pics are on my laptop, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I did make it to the Brew and View yesterday – Superbad and The Simpsons Movie. I have to disagree with Dave on Superbad – I think its really a movie to watch in a big group! The Simpsons Movie, on the other hand, had very few redeeming qualities – and that was after quite a few beers! The place was actually pretty full! Reminded me of old times! Shame they don’t have $2 pitchers anymore… 🙂

    (posted just before midnight again! not a second to spare!)


    Just some thoughts I had during the week…

  • Just because somebody invites you over for dinner on a Monday night doesn’t mean you aren’t going to eat like a king! (appetizers, bacon wrapped cornish game hen with apple and fig stuffing, au gratin potatoes, brussle sprouts, and beans – finished off with baked peaches and yogurt for dessert – I’m still full!)
  • If your laundry machine is broken, take it to a bar! Newport Bar and Grill to be more specific. The bud-lights were the same price as a wash and dry ($2.50) and I finished it all in about an hour! We stayed a bit to finish our grub and our board game. Suds and Suds = good time.
  • If you’re ever in the loop on Halloween visit a bunch of the office buildings, most were giving away treats! (I scored 2 Affy Tapples!)
  • Why in the world is it necessary to put out the Christmas items on the shelves at noon on Halloween?!
  • I’ve realized that I need to look up a bit more often. The clouds and the sun had combined to form some of the most magnificent colors I’ve seen in a while!
  • If you ever have a chance to see Bruckner’s 4th symphony in concert – do it, you will not regret it!
  • If you ever have a dream and Steve Martin is telling you not to do something, don’t do it!
  • Fred Astaire is the first person in IMDB’s database – interesting.
  • Stephen Colbert is phenomenal even when he is out of character.
  • Democrats suck sometimes too.