New camera on its way!

I finally decided upon and ordered up my new Canon SD500! My reasons for choosing the SD500 are many, my SD200 was a perfect blend of size and function and the SD500 is no bigger! But now I get 7.1mp vs the 3.2 mp of the SD200. This way I can take full res pics of the things I want, and drop down the res for every-day shots. This is also one of two cameras in the Canon line (the other one being the SD550) that has a fully waterproof case for snorkeling or diving. Who knows if that will ever happen – but I can get one if I need it! It sure would have been useful while snorkeling in Croatia!

I heart techbargains

Discovery Health

I have to thank Techbargains for this find! Not sure what its doing on a technology bargains site – but I don’t really care either! Perhaps its because the signup is on-line…

Along with Hutch and Mark’s resolutions to start working out again, I figured I’d post this little Discovery (HA! I crack myself up!) that I made yesterday. The Discovery Health Channel is having their National Body Challenge 2006 – and as part of it they are giving a free 8 week pass to Bally fitness centers around the US! I took this as a sign that I need to get myself to the gym! No excuses now! (besides the fact that the 8 week pass doesn’t start until the 14th) Anyway – I figured that some other readers might benefit from such a deal, so there you have it! Click on the image above to sign yourself up!

The program seems rather comprehensive – they have prizes and awards for those who actually input all of their data on-line. I even signed up for the kickoff event at woodfield mall where they analyze your body fat index and a bunch of other stuff (including a free massage!) when you show up!

Lets see if I follow this one through… 🙂

More miles for on-line purchases!


As some of you may know, I’m a glutton for good deals on-line! I peruse Tech Bargains, FatWallet, and Slickdeals on a regular basis looking for great deals on technology products or basically anything else out there. I am a firm believer in maximizing any deal I can get on a purchase. All of my credit cards are airline miles cards and I use them exclusively for all purchases! What I didn’t realize until recently is that most of the airlines have on-line shopping malls that you can maximize your miles earned per dollar spent. Of course, each miles program has different offers. So in order to maximize the mileage I put together a chart that lists the miles program’s participating retailers that give additional miles – as well as the number of miles per dollar spent.

A few things to keep in mind. You must read and follow the instructions explicitly on the miles program’s web-page. What I do is find the item I want from the retailers web-site and then go back through the apropriate miles program web-page to purchase it. That way I don’t get in trouble if I end up opening another browser window and forget if it is the one that I clicked through etc… The most reliable way to get your extra miles is to click-through the miles program website and go straight to the item that you want to purchase.

Another tip is that some of the retailers (Best Buy, Circuit City etc…) have an option to pick up at the store. That way you save on shipping and you can get the item right away without having to find it in the store or wait in line to check out.

Lastly, if you can not find the retailer that you want, or if it only gives you 1 mile per dollar spent, you can always purchase a gift certificate from (2 miles per dollar spent) for yourself and then use it at any of the hundreds of participating retailers. (edit) I just read the fine print and you do not get miles for Supercertificates. Of course, using your miles card gives you an additional mile per dollar spent! (but you don’t even need a miles card to get in on this deal!)

Small purchases won’t rack up the miles quickly, but any bit counts – right? If you were going to make the purchase anyway, why not get some extra miles out of the deal? Wish I had this prepared prior to everybody doing their holiday shopping! But for those last minute shoppers out there – it could help!

I want to stress again, that you must follow the procedure outlined at each of the mile program’s web pages. As well as any of the stipulations of the retailers.

The miles program’s web pages are linked at the Miles while you shop chart!

As always – tips, comments and suggestions are welcome!