From one entry about cars to another! I can’t help it, I’m too excited about what I accomplished this past weekend not to post about it! Yes, part of this weekend did involve seeing Pixar’s Cars but I’ll get to that in a moment. First I must get to these videos!

YES! The Beast is finally running again! I could hardly believe it myself! With the assortment of parts I have in my GTI from different VWs, I was quite hesitant to start it up for the first time – but start it did! Besides a minor oil-leak (which I already know how to fix) it runs great! I have quiet a few other things to take care of before its an everyday driver, but this was a HUGE first step!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Katty and I caught a showing of Cars on Sunday night! I very much enjoyed it! There is humor for everybody, but I REALLY enjoyed the stuff targeted to the car crowd! It really got me stoked to go on a nice scenic drive with the GTI!
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