NPR Interviews – Dwight, Borat

NPR’s Fresh Air is host to some of the best interviews I’ve heard! Katty actually called me to tell me about their interview with Rainn Wilson, otherwise known as Dwight from The Office – but I was too caught up in the season finale of Top Gear! I knew I could just go to the website and listen later on. Listen to both of these interviews – if you don’t laugh, I’ll give you your money back!

For your auditory pleasure:

NPR Interviews Rainn Wilson
(click on listen now)

An oldie but incrediblie goodie:

NPR Interviews Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat

Bonus! Found a Colbert interview:
NPR Interviews Stephen Colbert

…and a Jon Stewart interview:
Jon Stewart
NPR Interviews Jon Stewart

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Yes, I’m actually posting!

If you can read this – April Fools! Welcome to my little collection of April Fools 2008 links!

Google has partnered with Virgin to create Virgle – Earth – Plan B, colonization of the planet Mars! Make sure you fill out the application.

Google is also introducing Gmail custom time – date your e-mails whenever you want!

Wikipedia has an article on Ima Hogg and her family. Make sure to read the rest of the page as well!

WOOT is having a WOOTOFF – of the exact same item! Make sure to click on the item picture. Bagsofcrap have made an appearance, so be warned!

Kia introduces the KEE_Wii – a concept vehicle with no steering wheel, controlled by a Wii controller – from any seat!

Art Lebdev has created a new difficult to use door chain!

CNet’s has the six best new downloads for 2008!

Wired has an article about how activists want to rename April 1st – Fossil Fools Day!

Slate has an article on teaching kids kinder-gardening! Its not too early to start Caroline!
(Their weather report happens to be quite amusing as well)

Virgin Blue offers “No chair fares”!

Did you know that penguins can fly!?

The Reckless Chef has burned down her apartment! Make sure to stop by and send your condolences.

Of course, there is the omni-present RickRoll!