April Fools 2006

(This guy reminded me of B.J. for some reason)

A few of us had something planned for April Fool’s day… something BIG. But it seems as though the humiliation of one of our friends will have to wait until next year…. most likely it will just never happen. But its the thought that counts, right?

Anybody else have some good stories from this year’s April 1st?!

Wikipedia has a HUGE list of pranks pulled on-line and off-line. As usual, Homestar Runner did something goofy. Google was a bit dissapointing as they ususally have something interesting to tease us with on April 1. All in all, not as entertaining as April Fool’s days in the past.

Though it did remind me that I actually purchased my GMail invitation on E-bay for $2usd. Seems a bit silly now! At least I got the name I wanted!

continuous partial attention

I saw an article yesterday about “continuous partial attention”. It stood out in the usual clutter of internet fodder because of the way it directly relates to me. I find technology fascinating, I always want to be on the cutting edge of what is going on, I want to be involved in everything around me. But at what cost?

With continuous partial attention we keep the top level item in focus and scan the periphery in case something more important emerges. Continuous partial attention is motivated by a desire not to miss opportunities. We want to ensure our place as a live node on the network, we feel alive when we’re connected. To be busy and to be connected is to be alive.

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On-line video shootout – Google Video vs YouTube


I’ve been meaning to do a test to see which service is the better choice – Google Video or YouTube for on-line video sharing. In one of my recent embeded YouTube videos the audio didn’t sync with the video. I’m not sure if that was a one-off problem, or perhaps a larger issue with MJPEG conversion. (My Canon SD500 takes video in MJPEG format)

For this test I decided to take a video at 640×480 resolution and 30fps. This is essentially the highest quality video I can take with the camera – and should be a fair upper end comparison with most digital cameras (and even some low-end DV camcorders). The original video can be downloaded here. Its a fairly simple affair as I just wanted to check sound sync, color representation and movement artifacts. The video weighs in at 12.88mb and is ~7 seconds long.

On to the test…
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IamPablo brrreeeport ing for Scobleizer’s social experiment

In my never ending quest to figure out the nuts and bolt of the Blogosphere I have decided to join in a social experiment that Scobleizer has presented to us. He made up a word and asked us all to post it in our blogs to see how quickly it would permeate through the search engines. It is also an interesting way to check to see how each search engine handles the new data. It is already one of the top searches on Technorati! I decided to throw my blog at it to see how it fits into the grand scheme of things!

The fellowship of the blah


Since the first days of the Internet I have been using the e-mail address blah@blah.com for basically anything that requires me to submit an e-mail and I didn’t really feel like submitting my real e-mail address to. Anything from “submit your e-mail to download the file” to signing up for something to read one article. In the past I have found that I am not the only person doing this! Many times blah@blah.com is already being used, so I use blahblah@blah.com or any iteration from there – with a password of blah, of course! I believe that a certain form of camaraderie, a fellowship if you will, has formed around the use of blah@blah.com. A few friends of mine have been sending me picture galleries from Kodak that require a username and login to view – drives me crazy! So instead of creating my own account, I rely on the fellowship of the blah – and sure enough, I can get in no problem!

So with this post, I welcome you to the fellowship of the blah!