NPR Interviews – Dwight, Borat

NPR’s Fresh Air is host to some of the best interviews I’ve heard! Katty actually called me to tell me about their interview with Rainn Wilson, otherwise known as Dwight from The Office – but I was too caught up in the season finale of Top Gear! I knew I could just go to the website and listen later on. Listen to both of these interviews – if you don’t laugh, I’ll give you your money back!

For your auditory pleasure:

NPR Interviews Rainn Wilson
(click on listen now)

An oldie but incrediblie goodie:

NPR Interviews Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat

Bonus! Found a Colbert interview:
NPR Interviews Stephen Colbert

…and a Jon Stewart interview:
Jon Stewart
NPR Interviews Jon Stewart

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Sundays in Chicago will never be the same

Its strange how small things can integrate themselves into somebody’s life. When I got my first walkman in grade school, I would turn it on at night before I went to bed and go searching through the frequency modulated waves until I found something that caught my interest. On one Sunday evening, just after 10pm, I stumbled on something totally different than anything I had heard before… Musical Starstreams

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