ATC2K Cam – first test

TK gave me an ATC2K helmet cam for being his best man! I finally got it set up on the bike handlebars and went for a spin. This was the first test as I didn’t have a memory card in the camera. I’ve already recorded the entire trip back up north – just need some time to edit it! 🙂

Of course, it isn’t rockets blasting off or anything of the sort, but its a start! Expect more/better clips as I get acquainted with the device!

YCLA – Diversity and Segregation in Chicago

A film by YTC students at Youth Connections Leadership Academy. They participated YTC’s After School Matter’s film program – they were challenged to come up with a topic, to film and then edit. What you see below is the fruit of their labor!

Our Engadget HD contest entry

I was going to enter the Engadget HD contest with my setup, but when talking to Greg about it I realized that his was far worse! We took the above video today for his entry. Unfortunately, the e-mail bounced – Engadget HD’s 3gb GMail account was full!! We await to see what they will say about those whose entries bounced. In the mean time for your enjoyment…