March for America

Just got on a bus for the 12 hour overnight ride to Washington DC. I’m joining thousands of others who will march on the capital tomorrow demanding immigration reform. We started the afternoon in the freezing cold welcoming dozens of buses full of supporters also preparing for the same trip. Its going to be a long 36 hours, but I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this historic moment. I’m also doing some “new media” coverage as well:

Qik (live video)
ICIRR live coverage

Wish us luck!

Chicago election exit poll data

Below is the result of the data that I was crunching during the election for ICIRR.

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Getting out the immigrant vote

I volunteered this morning with ICIRR to take pictures of other volunteers that were getting out the vote in Bridgeview, IL. Precinct 47 is a predominately Arab area – and the amount of young and enthusiastic volunteers was overwhelming! Most of them were going out to knock on doors, leave door hangars and in general to try to get as many people to their polling places as possible! They were also doing exit polls – and the data I saw was extraordinarily exciting! More of the pictures I took can be seen by clicking here.

YCLA – Diversity and Segregation in Chicago

A film by YTC students at Youth Connections Leadership Academy. They participated YTC’s After School Matter’s film program – they were challenged to come up with a topic, to film and then edit. What you see below is the fruit of their labor!

Chicago Immigration March in Pictures

Crowd estimated at 150,000 in Chicago -CNN

The first picture of the album shows the view from my office, the amount of people was staggering! Of course, getting down into the crowd was even more overwhelming! At the same time it was peaceful – families, friends, neighbors… American flags everywhere! As I walked back to my office, first up Congress then up Michigan – both streets closed off for the march – I realized how lucky I am to live in this city! These are interesting times!

May 1, 2007 – Chicago Immigration March

Click here for Live ABC Coverage!

Its been one year since last year’s march – hard to believe! The chopper is taking live shots of the throngs of people crossing 90/94 on Washington as I write this! I’m planning on heading over myself in about 15 min to see and take part in what is going on!

The immigrant community has united again to march for:

  • legalization and a path to earned citizenship for the undocumented.
  • reunification of families divided by broken immigration laws
  • a moratorium on the immigration raids separating families
  • condemn President Bush’s anti-family “Z-visas”