Back and off again

Got back from Mexico at 5:50am on Sunday. Suffice it to say that Sunday wasn’t very productive – outside of finding an awesome new furniture warehouse! I’ll post pics of what we got once we get it all together! Lots of catching up with work and sleep this week… I’ve also acquired something to begin yet another project, (one that Fitz will have a keen interest in, I’m sure!) thanks Fas for the assist! After work we head out to Starved Rock state park for Dave’s bachelor party camping weekend extravaganza. Though apparently “we aren’t a bachelor party but a corporate event” – yea, like they won’t figure that out pretty quick! Should be a fantastic weekend! Though I imagine I’ll need another week to recover. I’m going to attempt to keep twitter updated, so keep an eye on that feed!

Maria and Dinos’s Wedding

I apologize for the lack of posts after Greece – T-Mobile roaming in Cyprus was spotty at best!! I have returned and wanted to get the newlyweds their pictures as soon as possible. Thats about all I have the energy for tonight! The wedding was in 3 parts; the traditional bridal dressing ceremony at Maria’s aunt’s house, the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony at the church, followed by the reception and dancing. It was truly an incredible event!

New Year & Friends

To Miriam, Jack, Sonia and Amy – yes I am a geek, but as promised – picture is posted! Sorry if I didn’t get the names right, its 5am!! Have fun on the elephants!!
To the rest of you – 2008 ROCKS!! I’ve been partying hard for the last 8 hours and if it is any indication, 2008 is a great year!
Oh, and drunk dialing at $1.99 a min is worth EVERY PENNY!


Getting into the holiday spirit

I meant to post last night, but I got home pretty late (thankfully found a spot for the GTI in all the snow!) and I had forgotten my camera at the ‘rents. Had a packed weekend! Started it off with a killer Margarita with Jos followed by another showing of Super Bad at the Brew and View (I had to see it with TK!). We then had a late night dinner with Greg and Mila to celebrate his b-day!

Saturday I wasn’t feeling up to going anywhere with the weather being so bad, but I called up my reserves of energy to go to a party. When I met up with Kelly, she realized that I was not aware that it was an ugly sweater party. I had the brilliant idea of swapping sweaters with her – though it was totally uncomfortable, everybody got a big kick out of it!

Sunday I went to TK and Jos’ new condo for brunch (thanks again guys!) and made a few stops afterwards to catch up with some friends. I then headed to the folk’s place for Greg’s b-day party and send off prior to their trip to Uruguay. Along with Greg’s b-day gift, I gave them both their Christmas presents as well! Its hard to believe its just around the corner!

Preemtive post

Yes, again because I can. Its not tomorrow until you wake up – but if I want it to be, it is tomorrow!!

Had trivia night for Christine’s b-day! Finally got to meet her boy, and a bunch of other friends! Had a blast! Primarily because if your friend is the trivia question asker – you most likely know most of the answers. That being said – team “Thick can be a compliment” won the trivia challenge!!! Though I didn’t answer George Lucas’s 2nd major movie question properly – much to Dave’s chagrin. I also didn’t know about apartment 5a and 5b and that Cox was going to be Rachel. (even better – Mikey was going to be Bing!) We learned a lot, we laughed, we cried, we ended up at Tai’s. But I’m home, and its not too much after self imposed midnight curfew! Better yet, this post counts for tomorrow!


I was just going to write “July has just started” when I realized that its already half way over! The first two weeks of July have been non-stop. It all started with the annual “Cap of July” party. Which ended up being a 4pm-5am marathon – due in part to Dave’s insisting that we hit Tai’s on our way home. Thankfully, at about 2am, I realized that I needed to start drinking water. I did find out that David and Paige are engaged – congrats to the two of them!

I decided to take Thursday and Friday off after the 4th to extend the holiday through the weekend – a good choice, as it turns out! I spent the 3rd in McHenry, IL visiting Ben and Corrie. Ben, Mark and I used to work together and Mark and I attended their wedding a long time ago! They are doing great and it was a blast spending the 3rd and most of the 4th with them!

Visiting the Volo Car Museum

I finally met their new baby Ganon as well. Yes, Ganon. Lets just say that Corrie didn’t realize this until Ganon was born. That being said, he is adorable! What a wonderful family!

After spending a few hours at the Volo Car Museum – I headed back to Chicago and spent the rest of the evening hanging on Mel and Mike’s deck. They had quite a spread – just when I thought I couldn’t eat more! We played some bags and talked the night away. Dave and I ended up on his porch polishing off two bottles of champagne – for you see, he was a bit nervous… I’ll get to that. I did manage to get him inside before he toppled over the edge of the porch, thankfully.

Thursday I spent most of the day at the beach! What a gorgeous day it was as well! The water was the perfect temperature and I was blissfully unaware of any swim advisories! Friday I worked on the car at my parent’s house as I needed it to pass emissions before the 24th. It was quite a productive day, and ended with a phone call from Dave – he had proposed to Keri!! I wrapped up what I was working on and headed out to meet with them for dinner. We ended up having pizza and champagne on the back porch while listening to The Police concert!

Congratulations Dave and Keri!

The following day we headed to LaSalle, IL to visit Wourms and Gwen as it was her 30th birthday! I had my camera but somehow didn’t take a single picture! I guess I was winding down from the rest of the week. We had a blast playing ping-pong, darts, bags, foozball and even put some money down in a game of Texas Holdem! The 5 day holiday was perfect as I came back to work last week refreshed and was quite productive.

After borrowing TK’s rear bike rim on Saturday we went for an hour and a half ride on the lakefront it was beautiful out. Later that night TK’s parents threw an engagement party for him and Jos – had a fantastic time! It was great to finally meet Jos’ parents as well!

I took a break from most things computers during the five day weekend – it was actually quite nice. Though returning on Monday I had a ton of e-mail to respond to! Reconnecting has been a week long process – but I do want to start posting more so that I don’t end up with huge summaries like this one… more to come!

Cubs v White Sox Brawl and Sweep!

This past weekend kicked off with the Cubs v White Sox Crosstown Classic game! Christine had tickets and was kind enough to invite me along! We had an absolute blast! It was the first winning game I had attended this year! Not to mention how rabid the fans were at “The Cell“. It was a total madhouse!


A few people got kicked out of the game for that craziness, after which there were at least 15 guards in our section kicking out anybody causing problems. We probably saw 15 people get kicked out! Totally nuts – but also a blast! Thanks again Christine!

We then headed to Melissa’s apartment to continue the festivities! She just moved into a gorgeous place with incredible views of the city! I had a blast – but a bit TOO much fun as I wasted most of the next day in recovery mode! That jungle juice was EVIL!

The Cubbies went on to sweep the series! Go Cubs!

Full weekend!

Andrik pointed me to the new embedded Picasa slideshow, nice!

As predicted, this weekend was non-stop! Thursday night I walked over to Bluesfest, took pics of the Mark di Suvero sculptures, and soaked in some Chicago Blues. Greg and Mila picked me up and we went to the Fireplace Inn for some grub and to watch the first of the NBA finals games. Had a great time even if the Cavs didn’t do as well as we had hoped!

Friday night TK and I went to Sound-bar for a party, open bar from 9-10:30 – suffice it to say I took full advantage! As it turns out, I had actually heard of the DJ that was playing that night – Christopher Lawrence. I ended up staying way later than anybody else and closed the place at 4am. Probably a solid 4 hours of dancing! My leg muscles paid dearly for that the rest of the weekend. You can actually just make me out in the pictures on Sound Bar’s website (pics 39 & 41 on June 8th)! As I didn’t have much cash on me, I was determined to get home using public transportation. When I got to Clark, I realized that it was one-way the wrong way and that I had to catch the bus on LaSalle. It wasn’t until 3 blocks later that I realized that LaSalle was a block before Clark! I ended up walking to the red-line at Chicago and waited for a good 30 minutes for the train. By the time I got to Addison, I decided to take a cab home as the sun was already coming up!

I took it easy the next morning, nursed my hangover, and ran some errands. I headed up to Andersonville for a BBQ that the “guy that used to have my job” (Jason) was hosting. He lives about a block away from Midsommarfest so the location was perfect! I didn’t know anybody and was totally exhausted from the night before. Nothing a plate-full of food and a few beers couldn’t cure! A few hours later we walked over to the festival with cups full of beer and cans on reserve in our pockets! Hilarious! We hung out for about an hour and then went back to Jason’s for refills. Christine and Becky met up with us at the festival and joined us for the last two “pit-stops” (fire pit and all!) at Jason’s. The festival was huge! Far bigger than I had expected. It had three stages and stretched half of a mile! We caught the last part of Funkadesi’s set – self described as “Chicago’s Indo-Afro-Caribbean Band” they were fantastic!

Sunday I had a meeting for YTC in the morning about the upcoming trip to Mexico and then I headed to Ribfest in Northcenter. The ribs and curry fries were delicious! The festival itself didn’t compare to Midsommarfest – I would say about half the size and about half the crowd, but I’m glad I went! Got to bed at a decent hour the last two nights, and now my legs are back to ~80% usefulness. I guess I’m getting old after all!