I’ve decided that its best that I leave the office, even if I have brought lunch with me, to get away for a bit and stretch my legs and give my eyes a break. My walk to the student center took me past Northwestern’s lakefill pond where a huge group of Canada Geese were congregating just under a Willow tree. I guess it isn’t too hard to find a little life in the winter! As I approached them slowly to take the picture, they started to swim away. I have a feeling that they found a spot where the university recirculates some of the pond water making it a bit warmer for them. Its so much nicer to have a change of pace from the office – another spot of life in my usually dreary day. Its also much easier to post to the blog as I don’t feel guilty not doing work! I’m getting a few odd looks as I’m drinking one of my new favs Goose Island root beer, which very much looks like a normal bottle of beer! Didn’t realize the thematic link until just now!

This post also marks the last picture to be taken with my current digital camera as I’m sending my Canon SD200 to Spain! Time to upgrade!

On an unrelated note, I got a bit nostalgic last night while looking at old e-mails and decided to see if I could find out what some of my old friends are up to! It has been a blast hearing back from them! If any of you find your way to my blog (if I haven’t already insisted via e-mail that you should visit) welcome! 🙂 Always good to connect with old friends!

Thank you Steve!

Steve’s New Year’s Party on Saturday was by far the best organized, best laid out, and best stocked party I have been to in quite some time! We made good use of all of the liquor that was purchased and had a blast! The place looked incredible! The heaters outside were the icing on the cake! I only wish Steve would have gotten as tanked as the rest of us! Great party! Click the above picture for the full album!


Wedding Party

Not only was yesterday Emily and Dan’s wedding, it was Katty and my three year anniversary – so there was a lot to celebrate! We had an absolute blast all day long and the wedding and reception were icing on the cake (and what a delicious cake it was!). We danced and drank lots! (BJ & JK – we did our best to drink your share, especially Keri) We then took the party back to the hotel bar and continued the revelry there! MANY of us are paying for it today – but it was an incredible time!

Feel free to check out the album that I put up in the gallery (click on the link or the picture above to get to the album). I encourage all of you to rate the pictures and leave comments!

Katty and I

Feliz aniversario mi vidita!

Winter has arrived


I wanted to post these pictures last Friday as that is when I took these pictures. Chicago received between 6-10 inches of snow on Thursday last week, it was quite the event! I absolutely loved it! I could not wait to get out into the snow and tackle the roads! Of course, my commute is only 10 minutes on a normal day, so I wasn’t going to have to suffer like some people did!. (Some much more than others) We ended up heading to the Brew & View anyway and had a blast! The snow didn’t seem to deter many Brew & Viewers either as the Vic was packed!

Taking the train home was a welcome break from having to deal with the snow..
Even if I did make Katty run up to the platform to JUST catch what I thought was the Red Line but was really the Brown. She wasn’t very happy that we had to wait at Southport and then again at Belmont for the next Red! D’OH!


Waking up the next morning and having to dig out the car with only my ice-scraper was quite a chore. I thought for sure I was going to get stuck and either need to borrow a shovel or get some help pushing! As luck would have it, I was able to get the car out on my own! Credit goes to the new tires that I put on just over a month ago – because we all know that my driving “skill” has nothing to do with it! After a few snow drifting maneuvers that put my car a bit closer to the curb that I would like – I finally calmed down and just enjoyed the drive.

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New image gallery!


Above you can see my first attempt at a web gallery with Coppermine software. Just click on the picture to get to it. I like it because its searchable, people can vote on each picture and even leave comments! So have at it, and let me know if you have any suggestions on how it is set up. I know its not much with only one album and a handfull of pictures – This is definitely the testing phase! I hope to be able to edit the theme a bit so that it resembles my blog – but we shall see!

Trip pictures in Google Earth

Google Earth Trip Map

In my never ending quest to make things MORE complicated… I decided to use Google Earth as a slick way to show some of my pictures from my trip to Europe. This was a bit more difficult than I had originally expected, but the results were fantastic! (A good argument for that GPS digital camera!) I didn’t really want to show them on Thanksgiving, but the family was all together and they wanted to see them! After 2 hours of going through pictures (I used our projector in the living room so that everybody would be comfortable) we reached Budapest (the half way point) and decided to continue next time!

For those of you with Google Earth, I have converted my local version of the show to a downloadable .kml.

For those who don’t have Google Earth, I highly recommend trying it out! It is truly incredible!

I basically took a few pictures of each city, used Google Earth to figure out where I took them from and then created a link with the actual picture. It took long enough for the 70 or so pictures that I selected, I can’t imagine doing it for ALL of the pics! 🙂 Stay tuned for more location based imagery as I start sifting through the rest of my 10gb collection of digital pics… uggh…

As if I needed another project!

For the Newlyweds

I have decided to try something new with my blog. I sometimes take pictures of things with somebody in mind that I then forget to share with them. This happened in various places during my trip, but also happens regularly at home. To begin this segment I bring you the newest and hippest piece of bedroom furniture, direct from Milan!

For the newlyweds… (even those celebrating their one year anniversary!)


Round one — FIGHT!

Autumn Leaves


It is amazing what a ten minute walk can do for the mind, body, and spirit. It is also amazing the different things you can find in a place that you have known all your life. Its funny, because while I was traveling in Europe, I thought to myself how amazing it must be to live in the different places that we visited. So many things to discover, so many things that were new and different. But it didn’t occur to me that the people who live there probably don’t spend hours a day roaming through the city searching those things out. It also didn’t occur to me how we too can get so trapped in the routine that we miss out on new things everyday. During my walk on campus, I discovered three new places that I had never been to before, that I never knew existed. I also took the time to look up and appreciate the beauty of the changing colors of the season. The greens, yellow, oranges, reds, purples… amazing. Sometimes I wonder if I would notice these things if I didn’t have a camera with me loaded with the desire to share with others. But in the end, I guess it really doesn’t matter. The underlying truth is that I discovered something new, that I captured a few colors and a few moments… and those little things, in a ten minute time span, made all the difference.

Northwestern Library (where I work), from a different perspective

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