First 5k run!

Marcia convinced me to sign up for a 5k run a bit over a month ago. The last time I remember running any kind of distance was in High School because we had to run a mile. I was a bit skeptical of being ready within a month. I got new running shoes, as my old ones were falling apart, and we figured out what mornings I would train. This “training schedule” was impeded by Chicago weather, my trip to New Orleans, and coming down with pneumonia. Lets just say I got two training runs in the week before the race. Having my Polar HRM was key to pacing myself as I overexerted myself running without it. I was never a long-distance runner, always a sprinter, so pacing was new to me! I did manage to get just under 3 miles in on my last training run, so I felt that I could at least complete the 5k.

The race itself was much different than I expected! May more braved the 34F temps that I had imagined.There were all sorts of people running; families with kids in jogging strollers, older couples, young kids – it was fascinating! I had forgotten to prepare my MP3 player, so I just listened to the goings on around me. At one point a woman said “Somebody cheer for Lisa” and everybody in our area let out a loud “GO LISA!!” The camaraderie surrounded us all! Running into Wrigley and finishing just after exiting underneath the sign was fantastic! I did opt for the timed race and the results were posted yesterday.

37min and 30s – 12:06 per mile – 1893 out of 2009

Not horrible considering the lack of training, but the sense of accomplishment made it totally worth it! Now to figure out which will be my next run! (bringing my GPS next time to track the route!)

Game 3 – Cubs Win!!

One of our board members gave us 14 tickets for Thursday’s Cubs game and, as I was one of the first to respond to the e-mail, I got free tickets!! It was ~45F and sunny and beautiful out when I left my apartment – but I ended up freezing at the game. Well worth staying though, as the cubs pulled their first win of the season! I’ve never seen Wrigley empty so fast though – I guess everybody else was freezing too! GO CUBS GO!!!

Cubs Opening Day 2008

Opening Day 08

The neighborhood transforms. As I walked down Clark street this morning the overcast skies nor the fine mist of rain stopped the revelers from celebrating opening day. At 9am the fans were filling the streets, the bar doors already open ready for the crowds to fill them. The fans donning the jersey of their favorite player, layer upon layer of clothing underneath in preparation for the cold day ahead. The vendors already have their wares set up on the street with large plastic sheets that protect them from the rain. Though the skies are grey, the energy is palpable as blue and white fill the neighborhood. As I round the friendly confines, fences have been carefully placed to separate the crowds from the traffic. Many are lined up to pick up their tickets, while others await the unavailing of the Ernie Banks Statue. I walk into the empty train station and can almost feel the presence of the tens of thousands that will come through today. I look forward to experiencing it upon my return for there is nothing like Wrigley on game day. Let the games begin! Go Cubs Go!

Cubs v White Sox Brawl and Sweep!

This past weekend kicked off with the Cubs v White Sox Crosstown Classic game! Christine had tickets and was kind enough to invite me along! We had an absolute blast! It was the first winning game I had attended this year! Not to mention how rabid the fans were at “The Cell“. It was a total madhouse!


A few people got kicked out of the game for that craziness, after which there were at least 15 guards in our section kicking out anybody causing problems. We probably saw 15 people get kicked out! Totally nuts – but also a blast! Thanks again Christine!

We then headed to Melissa’s apartment to continue the festivities! She just moved into a gorgeous place with incredible views of the city! I had a blast – but a bit TOO much fun as I wasted most of the next day in recovery mode! That jungle juice was EVIL!

The Cubbies went on to sweep the series! Go Cubs!