First ride!

Ride time: 37 minutes
Distance: 7.2 Miles
Average Speed: 16mph
Max Speed: 24mph
Average Pulse: 175
Max Pulse: 190

Following Dave’s example, I finally got my lazy arse onto my bike and rode into work today! The ride felt great! Aided, I’m sure, by winds coming from the north, I predict a killer ride home after work! When I arrived at the Cycle Center – I asked to become a member. Not only is there a waiting list for yearly members, there is one for monthly, and its full! The limit the wait list to 40 people, so I have to come in on the first of the month to see if I can get on. Uggh… Otherwise, I can park for free, but its $3 to use the showers. Overall I’m pretty pumped about the ride. I’m wide awake and energized here at the office – which is quite different from most mornings! I’m going to start putting my ride info into a spreadsheet so that I can follow along with my progress.

GPS data – Wintec WBT-100
Ride Data – Polar S150


Ride home was exactly as expected – riding against 10mph gusts! I was getting sandblasted by the sand on the beach! What a workout!

Ride time: 40.22 minutes
Distance: 6.8 Miles
Average Speed: 10.4mph
Max Speed: 17.6mph
Average Pulse: 169
Max Pulse: 220

Fixing my hacked WordPress database

I decided to write a quick recap on what I did to fix my WordPress database. Excuse me while I put my <Geek> hat on! Basically the perpetrator put in some malicious code that would execute every time an entry was viewed. The code bounced the end user to the perpetrator’s website (in my case, RootinG SabatogE ForceD). I took down WordPress before more damage could be done by renaming the index.php to index.old.

Step 1
Export your WordPress database so that you can edit the file manually. It may seem quite intimidating, but with the proper text editor it can be much easier to follow.

Step 2
Open up your WordPress database in a text editor. Again, I can’t recommend Context enough! It formats the document so that it is much easier to read/follow. The tabbed editing is also great to compare two files (which is how I ultimately solved the problem). Once you see the contents do a search for the webpage to which your users are being re-directed. In my case, I did a search for “rooting” which immediately brought me to the first hacked section.

`wp_categories` VALUES (1, 'Hacked By RootinG SabotagE ForceD || From Turkey', 'general', 'General nonsense.', 0, 14, 0, 0, 0);

As this is a “wp_categories” entry, I knew it had to be one of my categories. This one was easy, all I needed to do was subtitute the hacked text with my actual category name – in this case, “general”

`wp_categories` VALUES (1, 'General', 'general', 'General nonsense.', 0, 14, 0, 0, 0);

Fixed! My second category was also hacked, so I fixed that one in the same matter.

The next search for “rooting” brought me to the following:

`wp_options` VALUES (1, 0, 'siteurl', 'Y', 1, '', 20, 8, 'meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;URL="', 1, 'yes');

As the “siteurl” gets executed on every page view – the malicious code (in bold) executed no matter where you went! Again, the fix was quite simple, replace the bad with the good!

`wp_options` VALUES (1, 0, 'siteurl', 'Y', 1, '', 20, 8, 'WordPress web address', 1, 'yes');

The “wordpress web address” text I got from looking at a known good database. The blog name and blog description were also modified, and easy to fix. But there was one more piece of code to fix.

`wp_users` VALUES (1, 'mNt', '7a1762814efa069678b1c7bf1ced4bed39b58439', 'administrator', '', '', '2005-07-06 13:25:53', '7a1762814efa069678b1c7bf1ced4bed39b58439', 0, 'mNt');

This piece of code changed the admin username to mNt as well as the admin password. Luckily I had an old database backup that I used to replace it.

`wp_users` VALUES (1, 'admin', 'cec315e3d0975e5cc2811d5d8725f149', 'administrator', '', '', '2005-07-06 13:25:53', '', 0, 'Pablo');

If the database works the way I think it does, using the above code cec315… should change your admin password to “fixed”. I would suggest you change it as soon as you get WordPress back up and running! The above were the only instances of hacked info that I was able to find. In the end, the database was a lot less screwed up than I had expected! I would search the database a few more times for any words similar to the website your users are being forwarded to.

Step 3
Restore your WordPress database following the directions in the link provided. Once the process has completed, try logging into your database admin panel using “fixed” as your password: http://www.wpblog/wp-admin

Change your admin password immediately and hopefully you are up and running!

It wasn’t quite as difficult as I had feared, and I hope that others find this guide useful if they have a similar problem with their WordPress blog! My hunch is that security was compromised because my old host had not kept up with security updates… but who knows, all I know is I’m glad its back up and running!

Not dead yet!

Back from the dead! I was able to resurrect the full database, so no entries have been lost! As it turns out, the database was hijacked and every post sent to that crazy website. I’m assuming its from my previous host’s incompetence… but I’m thrilled that Host Maven helped get me back up and running!

As it turns out, it was a simple line of code that caused it all – a bit of detective work got me going again! I’ll post the fix tonight as I hope to help others who have been hijacked the same way!

Good to be back!

What do we do now?!

I can’t believe this actually exists! I told TK that Homeland Security was going to recruit him to be a part of the First Encounter Assault Recon team based on his adept gameplay skillz. Which immediately got me thinking about The Last Starfighter (<geek> as I told him he would be battling the Kodan Armada and that the guy’s codename was Centauri </geek>). So off on a tangent I do a Google search and I find a link to download the full version of the never released game! Download the Last Starfighter here! Fantastic!

Collective wood

Mr. Colbert giving the dreaded “double wag” of his fingers to the iPhone. Saw this last night and just had to post it. Hilarious!

As far as collective wood goes – Technorati reveals 14,235 blog posts on the iPhone. It is currently the number 1 search and number 5 tag. Though initially quite erect the chart below demonstrates flaccidity over time:

# of iPhone blog posts by day

Oh yes, she will be mine!

I’m in love!

I can now truly say that I’m glad I never purchased an IPod. But as far as I can tell the only thing that the iPhone is missing (besides 3G – which T-Mobile doesn’t even have) is an expandable slot. Granted I’m currently maxed out at 4gb with my miniSD slot on my MDA, but I’d still love to be able to look/edit/send photos from my digital camera on the iPhone’s gorgeous 3.5″ screen. By the time I can find an unlocked iPhone, I’ll hope and pray that Canon comes out with a Bluetooth enabled camera. Until then, I can just dream and drool

I changed the link to point to the iPhone home page at Apple. Check out the flash demos on the website for the following functions:

Internet Device

(Make sure you click on all of the flash guides, awesome stuff!)