RSS, SMS and other Blogging tools

Yahoo Alerts!

I have finally discovered a way to SMS my phone the comments that are placed on my blog! Thanks Russell! As it turns out Yahoo Alerts allows you to set up RSS feeds and then alert you on your cell phone! That means that you can have Yahoo Alerts let you know when your favorite bloggers have posted, when you have received comments, or any other alert via RSS. Its pretty slick! It is also usefull to send you all kinds of other information to your phone, sports scores, stocks, news, weather, horoscopes – you name it! You should make sure that you won’t get charged up the wazoo for all the SMS messages before you set it up!

I then happened upon Bloglines (notice the link on the right!). Bloglines gives you a central place to manage all your blogs. See who has updated, see what they said etc… without having to go to each individual web-page. This is especially cool because they have a mobile version to use with your cell-phone or PDA! (The only REAL reason I’d use it outside of a normal RSS agregator) Much easier to check updates that way!

(yes, that’s two posts in one day – gasp)

Trip pictures in Google Earth

Google Earth Trip Map

In my never ending quest to make things MORE complicated… I decided to use Google Earth as a slick way to show some of my pictures from my trip to Europe. This was a bit more difficult than I had originally expected, but the results were fantastic! (A good argument for that GPS digital camera!) I didn’t really want to show them on Thanksgiving, but the family was all together and they wanted to see them! After 2 hours of going through pictures (I used our projector in the living room so that everybody would be comfortable) we reached Budapest (the half way point) and decided to continue next time!

For those of you with Google Earth, I have converted my local version of the show to a downloadable .kml.

For those who don’t have Google Earth, I highly recommend trying it out! It is truly incredible!

I basically took a few pictures of each city, used Google Earth to figure out where I took them from and then created a link with the actual picture. It took long enough for the 70 or so pictures that I selected, I can’t imagine doing it for ALL of the pics! 🙂 Stay tuned for more location based imagery as I start sifting through the rest of my 10gb collection of digital pics… uggh…

As if I needed another project!

Tile Display wall — or — what I’ve been up to


So I had a bit more success getting the Tile Display Wall running properly today. I fixed some issues it was having accounting for the screen bezels (the “window frame” bars that putting LCDs next to each other will create). I also got the biggest data set we have tried on it yet! 8gb – 85000×30000 pixels or 2550 mega pixels. Pretty damned big! Very cool to see Chicago with that much detail! I’m excited to get bigger data stets on it! Now to just get it a bit more stable…

The data is from the US Geological Survey . It is a high resolution satellite picture of the Chicago area. I think it equates to one meter per pixel. The Tile Display Wall is running on a cluster of 6 Redhat Linux computers ( Shuttle SN25P with a 64bit AMD 4000+ processor, 2gb ram, and nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX) powering 12 Samsung 21″ LCDs. All of this on a budget of ~$25,000! That includes the custom designed, by yours truly, enclosure/frame.