The sociedad in the Basque part of the country is a members only (and men only) establishment where you pay monthly dues to have access to the “society”. Once you are a member you are allowed to use the facilities as long as you sign up ahead of time and there is still room. Yesterday we went to one of these establishments, as one of Miguel´s friends is a member of a Sociedad in San Sebastian. The way it works is as follows. They have a very well prepared kitchen with everything you could possibly need to cook. All you need to do is supply the food. They are well stocked with alcohol, mixers, wine, beer etc… and you can drink as much of it as you want. But the rules are a bit different that anything in the US – the women are not allowed in the kitchen! They are not allowed to even get something from the kitchen!


Miguel keeping the girls out of the kitchen!

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Villa de Portugalete

This guard tower was built in 1379 to protect the town of Portugalete, the small village that we visited across the river. It used to be a small fishing village but has now been consumed by the urban sprawl of Bilbao. Thankfully old buildings like these are preserved so that one can see the history first hand. One of my favorite things about Spain is that surprises like these are around every corner!


Puente Colgante – Bilbao


We arrived to Bilbao safe and sound and only 15 minutes behind sxhedule. My uncle was there waiting for us and we were soon at their home in Berango. We had a delicious lunch with my family here and then took a much needed nap. Afterwards we went for a walk and ended up at the Puente Colgante, the “hanging bridge”. It takes both people and cars across the river as the next closest bridge is a ways inland in Bilbao. Much to my surprise the bridge was built in 1895! We ended up taking it across to visit the other side. It was a wonderful walk coupled with a lot of catching up!