Luisa Carvajal y Mendoza


Did you guys know that all planes had names?! Apparently they are always written just beneath the cockpit or passenger door. The title of this post is the name of our flight. Makes it a bit more personal I suppose.
As I slung my travel pack over my back, my shoulder adjusted to the familiar weight and feel. Its the first time I have worn it since the last trip to Europe, loaded with gadgets, books and other such travel items. I finally get that feeling in my gut that I’m about to leave! With as busy as I have been, I don’t think it had sunk in.
I feel really polsitive about my interview yesterday! Thanks for all the well wishes! It seems like a great fit as well as an opportunity for me! I should hear back from them about a third interview by the end of the week. Ah the wonders of modern technology!
Off to Spain!


Botellón is a distinctly Spanish tradition that basically consists of young people who gather together in public squares or plazas to drink and socialize. Apparently this tradition started in the 90s because it was far cheaper for them to purchase the alcohol in supermarkets than in the bars. Mark, Brian, and I experienced this first hand during the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona. Like clockwork, we would gather in the same plaza, at the same time, and drink the same thing (you guys remember what it was called?) before hitting the bars. Its an interesting phenomenon, and as far as I can tell, is only getting bigger as time goes by.

As stated by this article that Beaubien sent me:

Police in the southern Spanish city of Granada said up to 25,000 people had gathered, causing the closure of a major road.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in Granada,” a police spokesman said. “There’s no doubt this is the biggest botellon in Spain … there must be 20,000 to 25,000 people.” Youths rallied revellers by email and SMS messages for “macrobotellones” in 20 cities around Spain, while authorities have pleaded with parents to keep their children under control and pointed out the dangers of under-age drinking.

The botellon (big bottle) has become a seedy part of city life over recent years as teenagers, bored at home and too poor to go to bars, buy beer, spirits and cartons of wine from food stores and lounge around in plazas, drinking the night away.

One has to love the mix of technology and drinking! Nothing like motivating the masses via SMS! I’m sure there will be ample opportunity to experience this first hand during my trip!

more pics below
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