Pictures, videos and panoramics – oh my!

Mike was kind enough to ship me DVDs of the pictures I had downloaded onto his computer during the trip. Now that I have them together, the totals are as follows:

Pictures: 2,065 (5gb)
Videos: 242 (2.34gb)
Panoramics: 17 (32mb)

Obviously the panoramics were the easiest to sort! They don’t come across very well in the slideshow above, so go ahead and click on it to get to the full-res pics. Be sure to zoom in and pan around – lots to see! In the mean time – I have lots of data to sort through, wish me luck!

Swimming with sharks

Im hoping this post gets through. The hackers are back and threatening to take down the blog! Im thinking that I pissed them off by posting the fix. I just finished backing it up, so Im keeping my fingers crossed!
My last day in Phi Phi was fantastic! Found a Reef Shark while snorkeling – it was REALLY fast, have a 2 sec video of him… awesome! Then met up with the Finns to hop on they ferry to Phuket. I stayed in Patong beach last night – and was pretty dissapointed. Beach was beautiful – but the town was gaudy at best. I was accosted multiple times by “lady escorts” (at least I think they were all ladies!), the shop owners were obnoxious as well. I ended up getting street food (delish!) to get away from the seedyness. Wish it wasn’t my last impression of Thailand!
Now at the airport waiting for a flight to Bangkok then on to Vietnam!
Almost forgot. I lost my guidebook yesterday too… but ound a bookstore and took digital pics of the pages I needed! What can I say, desperate times call for desperate measures! .

Buddha help me

I think I mentioned the bracelet that the monk gave me… I fully believe that it has given me all the luck in the world! I got my ticket to Vietnam on Air France (go figure, and thanks Greg!) and I somehow made it home tonight walking home in the rain… at 2am… in the jungle. I somehow decided I should walk instead of the 100 bhat longtail. Buddha sent a dog to guide me, I jest you not. I owe that dog my life (and a forthcoming YouTube video). Met a bunch of Finn dudes (hope the one got the sea urchin spikes out), then some Californians, followed by the Thai waiters, then some Sweedes – finshied off with a New Yorker and two Danishes (mmmmm…. danishes). Crazy night, time to set up the mosquito net and get some shuteye! Last day of snorkeling tomorrow! Really don’t want to leave Koh Phi Phi! .

Me and Koh Phi Phi

My solo journey has begun. Mike, Krong and both of their parents left for Bangkok today! It was fantastic to be able to travel with them, and I wish them a safe voyage home. As for my journey, I feel like its starting all over again! I hopped onto a longtail boat to head to Hat Yao (long beach) to seek a bit more of a peacful (and inexpensive) place to stay. I was a bit dismayed by all the “rooms full” signs. But I found the place I sought and they had a bungalow available! For 500 baht I get a bed, fan and mosquito net – and a 2 min walk to the beach! No clubs blasting music here either. Just me and Koh Phi Phi. I hiked to a remote and practically deserted beach on the other side of the island – it was incredible! Snorkeling was also the best thus far. My skin isn’t fairing quite so well – pink has turned into bright red, and quite uncomfortable at that. As they charge exhorbident rates for Aloe – I found a beachfront aloe massage for just under $10! Much needed, and as you can see below, the view was spectacular. I relished every drop of my tea as nature put on an incredible show… I haven’t felt this relaxed in a LONG time.
Oh, and my visa for vietnam came through! On-line was definitely the way to go! Even cheaper than at the US embassy! Its been a good day!


Chiang Mai photo captions

Click above for the photo album from Chiang Mai and the region – now complete with captions! (better Greg!?)

Oh, and I finally was able to check voicemail messages using Skype – thanks for all the New Years messages! And whoever Vinny is – you are going down! Also had a chance to catch up with Greg and Mila and welcome them back from their trip to Uruguay! What happened to updating the blog while you were there!?

Time to wash up and get some food!

Travel arrangements

I’m at the hotel in Hat Yai trying to figure out the rest of my trip. Now I’m having problems with my credit card, even though I told them I’d be traveling ahead of time, they have put a hold on my account. Fantastic. I’ve figured out that I need to be in Bangkok on Friday to get my visa for Vietnam (I’m REALLY wishing that I did it ahead of time now) so I booked a flight out of Phuket on Thursday night. Friday will be visa day – whopee. I’m putting my faith in the monk that tied a string around my arm for good luck! Heres hoping it goes smoothly!

Its funny, even though you try to do things ahead of time, issues have a way of cropping up. Oh well, thats travel for you!

Wait a sec! May have just found a solution! I’ll keep you posted!

New Year & Friends

To Miriam, Jack, Sonia and Amy – yes I am a geek, but as promised – picture is posted! Sorry if I didn’t get the names right, its 5am!! Have fun on the elephants!!
To the rest of you – 2008 ROCKS!! I’ve been partying hard for the last 8 hours and if it is any indication, 2008 is a great year!
Oh, and drunk dialing at $1.99 a min is worth EVERY PENNY!