Rally against social service budget cuts in Illinois!

Its a rare occasion that I set my alarm earlier than 7am. Usually its because I have a flight to catch. Today it is for a very different reason. I’m heading down to Springfield IL to rally against budget cuts that would have a disasterous effect on social services. Already over 12 people in my organization have received their two weeks notice and other agencies across the state are suffering even more. The ripple effect that this will have in I’LL will be felt by all. It is a sad state of affairs when politicians use social services to leverage their politics! We can not let this happen!! I am joining thousands of other people today to advocate for the needs of this state! We can’t let 200,000 jobs be lost in the social service sector! While I don’t expect all to come to the state capital, each and every one of you can DO SOMETHING that will make a difference. Pick up your phone, call your state representative, make your voice be heard! http://tinyurl.com/m3mush