Ahh… Paris!

I have arrived! This picture is from the terminal at the airport upon my arrival. The flight went well – kudos to Northwest for keeping up its free booze on international flights! Wohoo! Unfortunately the rum and cokes didn’t help me fall asleep quite as I had hoped!

Beau was a bit late picking me up – but he was able to SMS my phone with the SIM card that I purchased in Ireland earlier in the year. You guys are welcome to give me a shout if you want! +086 306 5683. Incoming calls and SMSs are free – so have at it!

After spending some time fiddling with technology we were on our way I’m currently stealing wireless at this apartment building so updates in Paris won’t be a problem. Time to go get some food!

10 thoughts on “Ahh… Paris!”

  1. Pablo, great to see you had happy landings. Your writing diary is very interesting and thoughtful, and the photos are striking.

  2. I am sooooo jealous…. Have some cafe creme with croissants at a Parisian cafe and it will definetely make your day (and mine at the distance!). Did I mention how much I *love* Paris? Enjoy it for me Pablito!!! And say Hi to Beau =)

  3. Pablito, Congratulations on finally making it! Say hi to Beau for me. Enjoy Paris, forget the sites for a little bit and just walk around the different neighborhoods. Keep up the posts!

  4. Hey Pablo, that is a great pic of the airport. And I bet you were half sleeping; I can’t wait to see others taken when you’re awake..
    Have a great time. I’ll folow you and your adventures through this page.

  5. Something tells me there should be a “private blog” where all of Pablo’s misdeeds are recorded. Maybe we could make a fake one – that could be fun.

  6. Awesome picture of the airport! Looking at your map of the all the places you are going to go – I’m SO jealous! I just want to go everywhere, what can I say? Well, get into lots of trouble, go where you’ve never been – and I wanna read about the “misdeeds” blog. 😉

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