First night!

First night in Paris and we decided to hit a swank bistro in the Montmatre district! The food was just ok, but the scenery was incredible! First pic is a view from our table, the sun had just set behind the city and was casting an incredible shade of orange/blue into the sky.

We then took our time meandering through the streets of the area soaking everything in. We ended up at the top of Sacre Coeur with tons of people having drinks of wine and singing to guitars. With the lights of paris as our backdrop – it was quite a sight!

We had a full day yesterday and are just about to head out to Versailles, so hopefully I’ll be able to update more later. So far, it has been incredible!

5 thoughts on “First night!”

  1. Hey Pablo! I have a confession to make… I envy your trip, and seeing as how I am so vain, that means that I have two of the seven deadly sins under my belt. Oh well. I look forward to updates as your adventure progresses. ciao.

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