Not so well

I realize that I’ve been really bad at blogging as of late. Many of you may think its because I’ve been busy at work – but that isn’t entirely the case… I’ve been diagnosed with walking pneumoniafantastic. Don’t even get halfway into my second week at the job, and I have to take 1.5 sick days… arrgh. It seems to be getting better, and I did work half of the day today – so I’m hoping the worst is behind me. On a positive note, I did get to meet my new neighbors!


As I was opening the window Tuesday night, I heard the sound of wings fluttering. I looked down, and lo and behold I had knocked the poor bird off of her nest! There were her two little yougins snoozing away! While staying home and resting the following day I saw them alone again and I had to take a pic! When I opened the shutters from the other window, who did I see?!


But big daddy watching over his birds! The pattern is as follows: mommy stays on the nest to keep the little guys warm (and to regurgitate their food… while daddy is out and about gallivanting around town. The only time she leaves the nest, is the few times that he comes back – does he step up and keep them warm?! Nope, just hangs out next to them watching me with his wee beady eyes!

The comments are open for name suggestions for the recently hatched!

Hutch is automatically disqualified for thinking “hot chicks”

5 thoughts on “Not so well”

  1. Actually, Hutch was probably thinking hot young chicks. 🙂

    You say there are two of them? (hard to tell from the first pic – it looks like four).

    If there were three, I’d say “Larry, Moe and Curly”. With two.. hrm… I’ll have to think about it.

    Feel better!!

  2. Yea, I couldn’t tell how many there were while looking directly at them (first pic) – but it was clear in the second pic that there are two beaks from two heads!

    That, and when I saw her feed, there were only two hungry chicks!

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