Having a bad day?

Taken from Jackson Blvd. in Chicago

As I was walking to a meeting on the west side of the loop, I saw a bit of a commotion on Adams just west of State. Lots of police cars, ambulance, fire-trucks, you name it! Didn’t think much of it, until I looked up! About 30 floors up I see a window cleaning platform dangling by one side! It looked like there were at least 2 people on it (perhaps 3)!! I took a “high-res” picture with my MDA so that I could crop out the platform (below).

So whenever you think you are having a bad day at work – remember, there are probably others out there that have it worse! Upon my return to the office, the platform had made it to the ground floor, and from what I could discern from the scene – nobody was hurt. Maybe just a few stained pairs of underwear!

9 thoughts on “Having a bad day?”

  1. This explains why babies cry so much. Apparently every day is a bad day for them.

    Ignoring the fear of ridicule at my lack of knowledge, I ask this:

    MDA =
    Masculine Digital Assistant?
    Mobile Distraction Apperatus?
    Multi-Dimensional Arm?

    Any of these would work in your sentence above, so which is it?

  2. I had something funny to say but I forgot it.

    This could never happen in steamboat. Literally. There aren’t any buildings that tall. Unless the mountains have windows I don’t know about, this could never happen.

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