Where have you been?

You have visted 27 countries (12%)

Saw this on my buddy Ron’s blog and thought it was neat! (click on the image to do your own map) He was one of the other teachers that was on the YTC trip to Mexico with me and he has quite a few entries on his blog about it. (he also has a ton of pics!) I’ll hopefully get to write about the Mexico trip this weekend!

11 thoughts on “Where have you been?”

  1. What didn’t work?
    *edit* cool! didn’t know you could link to images in the comments! I just had to edit your HTML as your coding skills are obviously lacking… 😉

    open bracket, close bracket.. com’on BJ!

  2. Pretty sure I have them all here:

    I’d like to see my sister’s. The funny thing would be, she’d have all these countries nobody else does, but none of the european places everyone has.

  3. Mine is so pathetic it’s not even worth attempting. I have only the Bahamas and two gambling/drinking trips to Windsor, Canada across the river from Detroit. Does that count for anything?!?!? Nope!

  4. That is very weird. Maybe because BJ can’t code, the system let his gobbledygook through, but since mine was well-formed, your system trimmed it out.

    Ah well. I was at 13-15 countries or something.

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