Immigrants detained by ICE en route to Chicago – DISTURBING!

I received a disturbing phone call from Katty this morning. Apparently Immigration and Customs Enforcement (aka ICE) detained a number of undocumented immigrants last night. The news itself was disturbing in light of the highly political climate just weeks before mid-term elections. But even more disturbing was the manner in which the suspects were detained. ICE officers entered a Chicago bound train car – at random – and started asking those who looked Latino and African for documentation. Those who were not able to provide documentation were detained until they could provide said information. This is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin! Who of us brings our passport everywhere they go? If the ICE officers thought that I looked Latino – I would have been detained! Since when can a federal US agency get away with such blatant discrimination!? How far are we from the point that all immigrants and visitors to our country will be required to wear some sort of identifying patch?!

ARRGH!! Am I the only one so incredible frustrated with the direction this country seems to be going?!

6 thoughts on “Immigrants detained by ICE en route to Chicago – DISTURBING!”

  1. Wow, that sounds like the definition of racial profiling. If this happened to me, I would be calling the ACLU…hech, I’d call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton…and I can’t stand those guys.

    That is garbage.

  2. I honestly believe we have been moving closer to a fascist state for the past few years. What did “they” do with our country?? Hopefully we can take it back.

  3. No, you’re not the only one.

    I just saw a new production of Hair last night that drew all the right lines between Vietnam and Iraq… it was in fact a bit disturbing how little things have changed.

  4. Actually, detaining undocumented immigrants isn’t disturbing — it’s a reality. Secondly, we must be cautious on two counts. 1) what’s the source on the “racial profiling” and is it reliable. 2) is it really an indication of the nation? That’s quite a slippery slope.

  5. Let’s see, since 1994 until now my minions have won 13 of the 14 national elections, counting the two houses of congress and the presidency as individual elections. Bill C won the only one election we lost; and, God bless him, we could not have gotten NAFTA and welfare reform without him, so may he be remembered fondly forever. OK, so it may soon be 13 of 16 because we have grown a bit too arrogant and corrupt. Still, in the future, we will bury you! (Pound shoe on podium here.) And to offer a viewpoint from The Dark Side, every citizen of this country should have a computer chip embedded in his ass upon birth or naturalization and scanners for these chips should be at every intersection of every town in this country. This will eliminate the “illegal” problem. Then, of course, we should legalize “illegal” immigration, lest our economy go completely into the tank. Without Hispanics from under the border, we’re dead meat waiting to happen. And without them to pay my welfare, AKA social security, I may have to do blow jobs on some park bench to support myself. BTW, Judy, Rox and I are coming to Chicago from December 21st to the 28th to see the local Rachel. Could we take you and S. out for dinner some night and catch up? Maybe you could even gloat over me regarding that latest election returns. Or maybe not. And Pablo, are you and girlfriend free some other night or even the same night? Love to see you all. We Dark Siders are not all bad even if we do drive you to consider emigrating to Spain…. Plus Rox is, alas, an unreconstructed pinko democrap. Sigh….. She outta be a Repug….


  6. Does anyone know if any news organization online has a story about this event? I wanted to send it out to people, but I can’t find any coverage. Ideas?

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