Tax refund!

And there was great rejoicing….


Yes, one. whole. dollar. It probably cost them more to print and send it. I’ll probably lose it before I find the motivation to walk over to the ATM to deposit $1.00. Any suggestions on how I should spend it?!

8 thoughts on “Tax refund!”

  1. You should go to an Acracde, and play Daytona! If you are lucky, it will only cost you $0.50 and you take a friend (like me) to race you and KICK YOUR BUTT!!

    THAT would be fun! 🙂

  2. I have a check for $0.69. that I just refuse to deposit on principal. I got it from a 401k rollover and I guess somehow from the roll over balance for the month I accrued 69 cents of interest. How dumb.

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