Full weekend!

Andrik pointed me to the new embedded Picasa slideshow, nice!

As predicted, this weekend was non-stop! Thursday night I walked over to Bluesfest, took pics of the Mark di Suvero sculptures, and soaked in some Chicago Blues. Greg and Mila picked me up and we went to the Fireplace Inn for some grub and to watch the first of the NBA finals games. Had a great time even if the Cavs didn’t do as well as we had hoped!

Friday night TK and I went to Sound-bar for a party, open bar from 9-10:30 – suffice it to say I took full advantage! As it turns out, I had actually heard of the DJ that was playing that night – Christopher Lawrence. I ended up staying way later than anybody else and closed the place at 4am. Probably a solid 4 hours of dancing! My leg muscles paid dearly for that the rest of the weekend. You can actually just make me out in the pictures on Sound Bar’s website (pics 39 & 41 on June 8th)! As I didn’t have much cash on me, I was determined to get home using public transportation. When I got to Clark, I realized that it was one-way the wrong way and that I had to catch the bus on LaSalle. It wasn’t until 3 blocks later that I realized that LaSalle was a block before Clark! I ended up walking to the red-line at Chicago and waited for a good 30 minutes for the train. By the time I got to Addison, I decided to take a cab home as the sun was already coming up!

I took it easy the next morning, nursed my hangover, and ran some errands. I headed up to Andersonville for a BBQ that the “guy that used to have my job” (Jason) was hosting. He lives about a block away from Midsommarfest so the location was perfect! I didn’t know anybody and was totally exhausted from the night before. Nothing a plate-full of food and a few beers couldn’t cure! A few hours later we walked over to the festival with cups full of beer and cans on reserve in our pockets! Hilarious! We hung out for about an hour and then went back to Jason’s for refills. Christine and Becky met up with us at the festival and joined us for the last two “pit-stops” (fire pit and all!) at Jason’s. The festival was huge! Far bigger than I had expected. It had three stages and stretched half of a mile! We caught the last part of Funkadesi’s set – self described as “Chicago’s Indo-Afro-Caribbean Band” they were fantastic!

Sunday I had a meeting for YTC in the morning about the upcoming trip to Mexico and then I headed to Ribfest in Northcenter. The ribs and curry fries were delicious! The festival itself didn’t compare to Midsommarfest – I would say about half the size and about half the crowd, but I’m glad I went! Got to bed at a decent hour the last two nights, and now my legs are back to ~80% usefulness. I guess I’m getting old after all!

5 thoughts on “Full weekend!”

  1. That WAS a full weekend!! Funkadesi was fantastic!! We’ll have to go see them again in two weeks (don’t forget!!). I burned their CD for you too, but I must warn you… they’re much better live. Their fun energy just doesn’t translate quite as well on CD.

  2. I just checked your Picasa for updates yesterday, I guess I was too early.

    At least SOMEONE is out there having fun! You have all the fun, and I’ll do house work. Does that sound like a plan? 🙂

  3. Indeed… but at least you are getting stuff done! Ask me what work I’ve done on the GTI in the last few weeks… I bet you know the answer! If I had the same dedication with the car that you have with your house… it would have been done ages ago!

    I guess not having to live in it makes a bit of a difference… 😉

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