Cubs v White Sox Brawl and Sweep!

This past weekend kicked off with the Cubs v White Sox Crosstown Classic game! Christine had tickets and was kind enough to invite me along! We had an absolute blast! It was the first winning game I had attended this year! Not to mention how rabid the fans were at “The Cell“. It was a total madhouse!


A few people got kicked out of the game for that craziness, after which there were at least 15 guards in our section kicking out anybody causing problems. We probably saw 15 people get kicked out! Totally nuts – but also a blast! Thanks again Christine!

We then headed to Melissa’s apartment to continue the festivities! She just moved into a gorgeous place with incredible views of the city! I had a blast – but a bit TOO much fun as I wasted most of the next day in recovery mode! That jungle juice was EVIL!

The Cubbies went on to sweep the series! Go Cubs!

7 thoughts on “Cubs v White Sox Brawl and Sweep!”

  1. My pleasure Pablo! It was a blast!! That video is awesome 🙂 Those two chicks were just out of control, not to mention the guy swininging his fists.
    I’d like to share with everyone that the security guards had to duck under Pablo’s video-filming-arm to get to this brawl. He wasn’t about to miss a great shot for security 😉
    Melissa’s party was fun too. The jungle juice rocked… until the next morning when I woke up. I KNEW it was a bad idea to drink beer all day and then switch. AND it was great to see Dave and catch up!


  2. We went out for a fancy dinner last night for our anniversary, and to the bar afterwards to watch the conclusion of the Cubs/Rockies game. We showed up when it was 6-3 Cubs. When we went into the top of the ninth with a 5-run lead, I made the mistake of saying “This wouldn’t be the first time the Cubs blew a 5-run lead in the 9th,” and promptly the Rockies scored six runs. Damn my predictive powers!!!

    But then we took it from them in the bottom of the inning. Dana thinks they won because it was our anniversary. I, however, know that they only won because we stuck around for the exciting conclusion.

  3. Those comments are funny. That’s probably exactly how that fight started…. The one guy said ‘the cubs have cuter girls’ and the sox girl got pissed and threw the beer at the other one. And then from there it just got ugly…

    Happy Anniversary Mark and Dana! And whatever the reason, thanks for ‘giving’ the Cubs another win 🙂

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