rear wheel

Missing: rear wheel of 1995 Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike

Last seen Friday afternoon when locking the bike up in the locked basement of apartment (I only locked the front wheel to the frame).

Reward: a nice cold beer

The kicker: TK’s brand new Trek was about 5 feet away, unlocked. I’m starting to feel like my stuff is targeted!

Woke up to a gorgeous 70 degree morning, got mike bike gear on and went downstairs to see my now crippled bike. Uggh…

7 thoughts on “Missing”

  1. I don’t know who I’m more angry with…the person who stole a rear tire when a new Trek was 5 feet away, or TK for not locking up said Trek!

  2. Boy, you would do ANYTHING to get out of riding to work with me! 😉 We finally got it together today for our first ride, and then this?
    If it makes you feel better… when my bike was stolen last week, there were two others right next to it that were not locked at all. And they were much nicer bikes than mine. I felt the same way you did.
    And damn it, by the time lunch rolled around I forgot all about the Slurpee. Hope you at least got yours!

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