Deep thunder rolls

Deep thunder rolls as the temperature drops ever so slightly. A cool breeze flows through the open windows. I rush to shut off the lights and twist open the blinds just enough to see the sky – another far off rumble. I wait in silence for a spark to illuminate the heavens. My patience is rewarded with a furious and dazzling flash. I count out the seconds before the thunder tumbles in. The distance is still large. It is followed by a great silence, as if all of nature hushed in respect to the oncoming power. Everything is still. I hear the sound of rushed footsteps passing by trying to outrun the downpour, as others shut their windows. The smell of new rain precedes the droplets. A patter fills the air as the leaves dance with each raindrop’s descent. The sound grows as the rain seeks out every corner – it now permeates the air. Jagged white tears in the sky trigger brighter flashes. A sudden clap of thunder overpowers all other sounds for a brief moment, giving way to the crescendo of the rain tapping perpetually. The water begins to satiate the soil and blanket the sidewalks and roads – the asphalt glimmers under the golden glow of the streetlights. Another sequence of blazing light fills the air and penetrates the room – the resulting rumble enters from all around. The storm is near…

3 thoughts on “Deep thunder rolls”

  1. You certainly come from a writer family… I was almost sad I missed it (when was this storm and how DID I miss it??).
    I saw the coolest storms ever last summer, when from the roof deck we could see them rolling in from every direction. It was the most amazing lightning I had ever seen!! And it’s really cool to watch them at work from the 32nd floor of the Hancock too. Although they slightly scare me… Storms are awesome!!

  2. Pablo that is a beautiful and lyrical piece. Write on! and keep everything you write… You never know when you can use it in a novel or short story.

  3. I remember the first summer I spent in Chicago… I was amazed that it could rain in the summer. In LA, the summer means dryness. No humidity and no rain.

    Of course, it also means to awe-inspiring thunderstorms. I don’t know what the rainy season will be like in the Bay Area, but I hope there are a few lighting crashes and spectacular booms.

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