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  1. its not surprising, for me/mine its a great way to communicate with other musicians that live out of state- I have two, one music, one…clueless as to what it is! It is just there. I give them little attention and have grown to dislike it in so many ways, many of my ‘real’ friends realize that.
    I wanted to comment mostly on your pics…the drunk one (with the red papercups) you should always check with mates as to what they are wearing, so you don’t look the same. Even though, you don’t look the same, you are looking much worse for wear and what is with the red knees?? LOL- I won’t even attempt to imagine! Shave Pablo, give your legs a chance at the sun. *giggles*

  2. I think the most telling part of the presentation is when they compare the US college graduates to India and China. Although, it would be nice to see that as a percentage of the population, and not just flat numbers.

    I have long thought that one of the most pressing problems for the US is under-education of the populace. Even at US universities, you can find vast numbers of foreign students getting their US degrees.

    Most US youngsters just aren’t raised to think higher education is crucial. The (mainstream) American culture has in many ways stopped valuing education as a needed piece of one’s life. Chris Rock pointed this out when he said many people get more respect coming out of prison than graduating from college – “What, you my master now?”

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