Preemtive post

Yes, again because I can. Its not tomorrow until you wake up – but if I want it to be, it is tomorrow!!

Had trivia night for Christine’s b-day! Finally got to meet her boy, and a bunch of other friends! Had a blast! Primarily because if your friend is the trivia question asker – you most likely know most of the answers. That being said – team “Thick can be a compliment” won the trivia challenge!!! Though I didn’t answer George Lucas’s 2nd major movie question properly – much to Dave’s chagrin. I also didn’t know about apartment 5a and 5b and that Cox was going to be Rachel. (even better – Mikey was going to be Bing!) We learned a lot, we laughed, we cried, we ended up at Tai’s. But I’m home, and its not too much after self imposed midnight curfew! Better yet, this post counts for tomorrow!

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