New Year & Friends

To Miriam, Jack, Sonia and Amy – yes I am a geek, but as promised – picture is posted! Sorry if I didn’t get the names right, its 5am!! Have fun on the elephants!!
To the rest of you – 2008 ROCKS!! I’ve been partying hard for the last 8 hours and if it is any indication, 2008 is a great year!
Oh, and drunk dialing at $1.99 a min is worth EVERY PENNY!


3 thoughts on “New Year & Friends”

  1. Pablo, it was great you called on New Year´s Eve! And we´re so happy you´re having such a good time.
    Aita says to be careful with snakes and women.
    Mom & Aita

  2. hey pablo, so where are you now? I lost the paper with the email address 🙁 so I decided to check out your site…… pretty coool!!! I have all the cambodia info if you want it. Sophie and I are going from the 5th to 8th. hope to hear from you soon

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