Megabus in Minnesota

On the Megabus back to Chicago from Minneapolis, MN. First experience with Megabus – and so far so good. The bus was on time and its clean, so that’s a good start! The driver told us its going to be bumper to bumper getting into Chicago – so its gonna be a long one. Was great spending the 4th with the fam in MN! Celebrated my uncle’s 50th and a lot of other July birthdays! Hope you all had a fun 4th!


6 thoughts on “Megabus in Minnesota”

  1. Yea – I’d been told its a really good alternative. Its possible to get seats for $1! Not on a holiday weekend though – we paid $40 each! Traffic was horrible on the way back 10.5 hours!! Uggh…

  2. Amtrak leaves at 7am – and was over double the cost of the Megabus. Had I purchased ahead of time, it might have been better though. Oh well… next time! 🙂

  3. I’ve actually gotten the Megabus to Detroit for $9 I think, and to Cleveland for under $20. Never got it for $1 though. But someone else who was on the bus with me once claims he got the $1 rate.
    I really do love the Megabus!! 🙂

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