Flabby Hoffman?

Flipping channels last night I ended up on Chicago Access Network Television (CANTV) channel 19. What caught my attention was the bowling scene from the Big Lebowski. It was pretty grainy and the cutting of the swear words was a bit… amateur. As I watching, it suddenly cut to some other movie. This continued for almost 30 minutes, and I couldn’t stop watching. It was a bizarre selection of movies, news bits, cartoons and TV shows. Some of them hilarious, many bizzare, and some outright spooky. At about the time they showed Angela Landsbury’s incredible scene in the Manchurian Candidate (a movie I have yet to see, but somehow recognized it immediately) I wondered about the legality of showing so many movie/tv/media clips. The juxtaposition of the Simpson’s Planet of the Apes musical bit with the actual movie was quite entertaining! Katty had no idea why I kept on watching it – but was just as fascinated as myself! Has anybody seen The Loved One?! (this was the scene we saw last night – gotta love google)

Shortly thereafter, color bars filled the screen and only the audio could be heard. This was just the icing on the cake! Was it a broadcast signal intrusion? I had first heard about this while talking to somebody about Max Headroom and finding out about an incident in 1987 on Chicago’s WGN and WTTW stations. The hijackers were never found – could this be a new incident?? I immediately checked CANTV’s Thursday listings to find out that Flabby Hoffman was scheduled to air. Googling got me to Flabby Hoffman’s home page

Flabby Hoffman uses his unique powers of hyper-sensitivity, super cognizance and fanatical devotion to an objective truth to help those in need of an empowering spiritual enema.

…not quite what I expected, but almost equally bizarre. The two don’t really match up. There was also a link to a local bar Uncommon Ground – where, apparently, Flabby Hoffman used to perform. This whole thing seemed so surreal to me. So, I just e-mailed CANTV to see what they have to say about the color bars last night. Most likely its all just a coincidence… but I had to ask!

I just noticed that Flabby has MP3s on his website! I’m afraid to listen!

(This got me thinking about Wesley Willis all over again)

5 thoughts on “Flabby Hoffman?”

  1. Fascinating indeed… but i just didnt believe that the color bars meant anything, it was past midnight so i assumed that community access channels dont have enough money to have programs all night. I guess we’ll find out if CANTV actually replies to Pablo’s email.

  2. You really must record this next time. Oh, how I wish I had the tapes that Mikey made of Malia on CANTV. Her fashion shows/dance routine/music videos were TO DIE FOR.

  3. “The Loved One” was one of your grandmother’s very favorite movies. I guess we should rent it out for a family viewing sometime! The scene was hilarious!

  4. My band participated in a couple of flabby hoffman shows. The shows were usually OK, and occasionally would end up on can-tv. Kind of weird guy, though!

  5. Hey there I am Pablo. I am Flabby Hoffman. Thank you for taking the time to check out and report on one of the episodes of my TV series. The episode you saw was one of many in which I attempt to color outside the lines, deconstruct expectations and destroy the paradigm of what media is all about. Yes, it is amatuerish, yes as Erin said my shows and my personality are frequently considered “weird.” But if being different in a world littered with phonies, sell outs and zombies, a world that is run by people who reach out from the darkness to drape the world in rage and fear, a world where radio and television are nothing more than soul sucking indoctrination devices designed to kill everyone’s spirit replacing heart and character with cheesecake and product placement…then let the victims call me weird. Because for me its the journey…not the destination. For me its live free or die and if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Oh, and The Loved One is a dark comedic masterpiece. If you have not done so already you should rent it immediately.

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