Lineup for Grant Park Obama rally

From Election Day 2008

You can see the people lining up on Columbus and Michigan Ave! Apparently, they have been lining up since Monday! I’m going to the Chicago Cultural Center to continue volunteering and then to party with Katty and her fellow ICIIR workers! I didn’t sign up for the Obama rally on time – but I’ll be going outside to take pictures. I also hope to do and “after” picture when the rally REALLY gets going!

From Election Day 2008

3 thoughts on “Lineup for Grant Park Obama rally”

  1. I was at the polls a half an hour before they opened (6:30) and it still took me 2 hours. Will be interesting to see if our brothers from different mothers give SC a blue-face for the first time in 40 years.

  2. I was lined up there somewhere… There was one guy who had lined up Monday night and the cops took him in seperatly first, so he would get the best spot. That was really cool! 🙂 There is justice in the world after all…

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