Upon returning from my trip, I had this distinct feeling of not having anything to do. This tends to happen after a non-stop trip – I return needing a vacation! I’m currently sitting in traffic court writing this on my PDA – I leave for Vegas in 2 hours! In Vegas I will be participating in the first of many bachelor parties this year as we send off Gongola. As if going to Vegas wasn’t enough, I fly to Los Angeles on Saturday for Doug’s wedding! As usual, my weekend is overbooked. I’m sure I’ll come back, at midnight incidentally, in dire need of rest. This has been a trend as of late, an attempt to use up as much of my free time as possible. (I just pleaded guilty and got supervision – $80 court fee. Im going to stick around to see how those who pleaded not guilty fare) Is it just the way I am? Am I making up for lost time? The answer is always elusive. I very much enjoy the things that Im doing – but many times I think I need to slow down a bit. The times I do find myself with little to do, I get anxious about what I should be doing. It’s quite a cycle! March doesn’t look any less busy with an upcoming trip to New Orleans and some visitors thrown into the mix. Well, time is running short! Time to hop on the limo to get to the airport!

New Year & Friends

To Miriam, Jack, Sonia and Amy – yes I am a geek, but as promised – picture is posted! Sorry if I didn’t get the names right, its 5am!! Have fun on the elephants!!
To the rest of you – 2008 ROCKS!! I’ve been partying hard for the last 8 hours and if it is any indication, 2008 is a great year!
Oh, and drunk dialing at $1.99 a min is worth EVERY PENNY!


Getting into the holiday spirit

I meant to post last night, but I got home pretty late (thankfully found a spot for the GTI in all the snow!) and I had forgotten my camera at the ‘rents. Had a packed weekend! Started it off with a killer Margarita with Jos followed by another showing of Super Bad at the Brew and View (I had to see it with TK!). We then had a late night dinner with Greg and Mila to celebrate his b-day!

Saturday I wasn’t feeling up to going anywhere with the weather being so bad, but I called up my reserves of energy to go to a party. When I met up with Kelly, she realized that I was not aware that it was an ugly sweater party. I had the brilliant idea of swapping sweaters with her – though it was totally uncomfortable, everybody got a big kick out of it!

Sunday I went to TK and Jos’ new condo for brunch (thanks again guys!) and made a few stops afterwards to catch up with some friends. I then headed to the folk’s place for Greg’s b-day party and send off prior to their trip to Uruguay. Along with Greg’s b-day gift, I gave them both their Christmas presents as well! Its hard to believe its just around the corner!

Two weeks

Two weeks from this very moment, I’ll be somewhere over the Pacific ocean on my way to Seoul, Korea. There I’ll have a 4 hour layover before my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. After a very short rest, I’ll be getting ready for Mike and Krong’s wedding! I can’t believe its only two weeks away… its been hard for me to be excited about it… but its finally hitting me!!

I’ve got a lot to do!

Preemtive post

Yes, again because I can. Its not tomorrow until you wake up – but if I want it to be, it is tomorrow!!

Had trivia night for Christine’s b-day! Finally got to meet her boy, and a bunch of other friends! Had a blast! Primarily because if your friend is the trivia question asker – you most likely know most of the answers. That being said – team “Thick can be a compliment” won the trivia challenge!!! Though I didn’t answer George Lucas’s 2nd major movie question properly – much to Dave’s chagrin. I also didn’t know about apartment 5a and 5b and that Cox was going to be Rachel. (even better – Mikey was going to be Bing!) We learned a lot, we laughed, we cried, we ended up at Tai’s. But I’m home, and its not too much after self imposed midnight curfew! Better yet, this post counts for tomorrow!


Chicago’s gigantic tree after the show on Saturday

Yes – Thanksgiving was over a week ago, but this past week ranks down with the worst of ’em. I, as usual, stretched myself too thin during the holiday. I even preemptively took Wednesday as a sick day to enjoy a long 5 day weekend – but that wasn’t to be. After going out too late two nights in a row, running back and forth between the folks and the city, throwing in a trip to Madison for a night… my body decided it was payback time. I felt it creeping up on me on Sunday while having dinner for my Mom’s birthday – I was totally out of it. I got home at a decent hour, but Pepe was in town and wanted to go out for a drink. I convinced them to do coffee instead – which turned into dinner. I only ordered soup – but about halfway through our meal I started shaking. Rather then head straight home, I weathered it out – and as soon as I got home, I finally took my temperature – 101.9. Oops. Suffice it to say, I hardly slept that night, and ended up calling in sick on Monday and Tuesday. I felt better on Wednesday, but just getting to the office took a lot out of me. Headed to my Dad’s clinic and he verified that I still had a fever and now my glands were all swelling up. Wonderful. Went to work on Thursday and Friday – but did little to nothing at home. Finally went out for the first time last night, with the self-imposed midnight curfew. I have to say, I haven’t been hit this hard for quite some time. It ain’t easy being sick – and if it wasn’t for BSG – I’d have driven myself crazy by now! Still not 100% recovered – but almost there. My body is telling me to take things down a notch.

That being said, spending time with the entire family (including my Aunt and cousins from MN) was wonderful. I’m kicking myself a bit as I wasn’t collected enough to remember to take any group family photos – good thing memories last forever! I even got to catch up with my friend Marisa in Madison! It was fantastic seeing her and spending time with her – it had been over 5 years! Timing was a bit tight as I had a show on Saturday to go to with the fam, after a 2.5 hour return drive I arrived exactly when the show began! Luckily they started a bit late – so I got to enjoy every second of Tao! HIGHLY recommended!

In other news – congrats to the proud new parents Mark and Dana!! Their baby Caroline is adorable!

December 1

I recognize that this post it actually at 12:12am on December 2nd – but the beauty of having your own blog is that you can change the time stamp! Besides, as Dave would say – its not the next day until you wake up! That being said, it is still December first – with brings with it a new month – and in Chicago, it has brought snow! As it blankets the world around me, I find myself in a familiar, but different place. Sounds are muffled, each step I take creaks in the snow, cars seem to glide by on a cushion of white… and I’ve made a decision. I will post once a day from now until my trip to Thailand. At least, I’ll do my best. What can I say!? I’ve been ill – my motivation to write has been next to nothing. But I’ve realized that it motivates me – and if I have something to shoot for, I’ll write more – and really, how can that be so bad??

Don’t quote me on that! 😉

Until tomorrow(/today)…