Hutch’s birthday

We went out on Saturday night to celebrate Hutch’s birthday. Apparently he is still hung-over as he has yet to update his blog. We met at Grand Central for drinks. I believe that Bill started Hutch of with his first shot of the night. I followed up a bit later and shared a Jager Bomb with him. Mel, Mike and I took a quick detour and met up with everybody at Tai’s. We got there before the line was really bad… but Hutch, Amy and Kathleen got there just a BIT too late. We tried to convince Jeff to get them in without having to wait, but we had no such luck. Once they got in, I was sure to have an extra strong rum&coke ready for Hutch! I’m not sure if ever finished it, he was a bit busy talking to a girl. Mike ended up getting him another prairie fire which almost got spewed all over the bar (evidence by Hutch’s reaction above). It was a crazy night, but I had a blast!

Though I’m not sure my body can handle two 4am nights in a row anymore…. making a late night stop with Mel and Mike was my saving grace!

Happy Birthday Hutch!

Tiny sausage party

Tiny Sausage
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It was that time of year again… thats right! Time for the 4th annual Tiny Sausage party! While Kathleen did fill us all in on the history of the Tiny Sausage party… it has since been forgotten. I’ll let her fill in the blanks in the comments if she wishes! This year was exceptional, not only because of the -12F weather that night, but because of the raffle! Not only did the wiener recieve a beef stick they also won the $110 pot! Wohoo!

For all of those who missed out – sorry you couldn’t have been there!

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