First 5k run!

Marcia convinced me to sign up for a 5k run a bit over a month ago. The last time I remember running any kind of distance was in High School because we had to run a mile. I was a bit skeptical of being ready within a month. I got new running shoes, as my old ones were falling apart, and we figured out what mornings I would train. This “training schedule” was impeded by Chicago weather, my trip to New Orleans, and coming down with pneumonia. Lets just say I got two training runs in the week before the race. Having my Polar HRM was key to pacing myself as I overexerted myself running without it. I was never a long-distance runner, always a sprinter, so pacing was new to me! I did manage to get just under 3 miles in on my last training run, so I felt that I could at least complete the 5k.

The race itself was much different than I expected! May more braved the 34F temps that I had imagined.There were all sorts of people running; families with kids in jogging strollers, older couples, young kids – it was fascinating! I had forgotten to prepare my MP3 player, so I just listened to the goings on around me. At one point a woman said “Somebody cheer for Lisa” and everybody in our area let out a loud “GO LISA!!” The camaraderie surrounded us all! Running into Wrigley and finishing just after exiting underneath the sign was fantastic! I did opt for the timed race and the results were posted yesterday.

37min and 30s – 12:06 per mile – 1893 out of 2009

Not horrible considering the lack of training, but the sense of accomplishment made it totally worth it! Now to figure out which will be my next run! (bringing my GPS next time to track the route!)